Toto Wolff Reveals Mercedes Has Found Several Directions For Improving The W13, Team Conducting Some Experiments In Miami!


Miami Grand Prix could prove to be one of Mercedes\’ most important races of the season. The Silvers Arrows are struggling to find some crucial form on the racing circuit to keep up with the frontrunners Ferrari and Red Bull. The racing team was forced to deal with an unexpected porpoising issue that they have not been able to solve so far with a limited cap budget. Thus, the German manufacturer has developed a plan to replace its faulty W13 chassis. That is making it harder for drivers to drive the car. Recently, the team principal, Toto Wolff, revealed that the team is planning to bring some updates to Miami, defining the progress on their bouncing issues and lack of performance. 

Sadly, after being constructors\’ champions for eight seasons in a row, Mercedes have lagged up to one second per lap from its rivals. The Silvers Arrows are the third-fastest team across the circuit after Red Bull and Ferrari. Other teams have struggled with porpoising too, but their performances have not been affected by the issue as Mercedes. 

Wolff & Hamilton

The racing team struggled during the weekend in Imola. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton qualified 11th and 13th for Sunday\’s GP. Russell showed some bright signs early in the race and finished fourth, missing the podium by a small margin. Meanwhile, Hamilton struggled to improve his starting position. The former world champ could not do any better than the 13th, taking no points home. Mercedes boss Wolff recently shed some light on the team\’s approach and what they plan on doing during the upcoming weekend in Miami.

Mercedes Making Some Tweaks To Improve Performance & Control Bouncing

Talking about Mercedes\’s performance in Imola, Wolff shared that it was tough for the team. He appreciated George for doing a great job finishing P4 from a rather unpromising starting position of P11. The team principal added that the team could not provide Hamilton with the right tools or track position to express his true pace. The Mercedes boss informed that the team had learned as much as possible after returning from Italy. He also revealed that Mercedes has constantly been working in the wind tunnels and the simulations.

Russell & Hamilton

Toto also disclosed that the Silver Arrows

had found directions for improving the W13. They will be conducting a series of experiments in Miami to correlate with the simulations. Wolff also mentioned that Hamilton and Russell have been working in the simulator ahead of the race in Miami. Moreover, the staff at the factory is busy producing upgrades for the upcoming races.

Meanwhile, Mercedes will also conduct the experiment on a circuit that is unknown to every team. Wolff thinks Miami will be an exciting new challenge and a deeper dive into the unknown. The team principal said the track looks demanding with a mix of low and high-speed corners. Toto believes that the inaugural race in Miami would be a spectacular showcase for F1 to grow its fanbase in the US. Wolff added, \”We\’re set for a fantastic event, and we can\’t wait to see how it all plays out.\”

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