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Evidently, Lewis Hamilton is having a tough time in the F1 racing circuit this season. The seven-time world champ is clearly struggling for him amid the troubles with Mercedes\’ W13. Just a few months ago, Hamilton was fighting hard with Max Verstappen in a battle to win his eighth championship title. The British driver claimed arguably his best victory during the Brazilian Grand Prix after being a few tenths slower than Russell during Q2. Unfortunately, the tables have turned quickly for the Briton with his recent struggles in Imola, giving way to speculations about his retirement. The questions about lewis\’ retirement have been raised several times in the past few years. 

The 37-year-old\’s retirement has been a regular topic of discussion even after he signed a deal with Mercedes until the end of 2023. Hamilton has had a number of low points through his glorious F1 career. And there have never been any doubts about his return. However, with the situation Lewis and Mercedes are in right now, the Briton might have to face a winless season for the first time in his career. 


Mercedes have clearly struggled after the new regulations were introduced in 2022. Now, the Silvers Arrows are in desperate need of a surprising turnaround to make the W13 fast enough very soon if they have to stay in contention for this year\’s title. Hamilton must have known that the new regulations could hinder Mercedes\’ performance when he signed up for the 2022 season. Thus, it is fairly clear that the Briton was not hoping for an easy eighth title. But now that he is in a tricky situation, Hamilton is motivated enough to keep going on while dealing with constant disappointments and speculations. So, is Lewis Hamilton planning on retiring from F1? Keep reading ahead to find out!

Has Lewis Hamilton Lost The Desire To Fight Back?

When Hamilton signed the deal for 2022-23, he must have known about the risks of the season going wrong with new regulations in place. He would have prepared himself to battle hard and turn things around. But, now that Hamilton finds himself in a messy situation, it could be possible that the former world champ has lost his desire to fight anymore. 

Lewis is clearly not happy about the situation he is in. But only he will know if the motivation and the desire to fight back are still there. However, Hamilton is a fighter, and he never backs down from the battle. Hence, it looks like the increased challenges could inspire him to race on in 2023 instead of a record eighth title win this year.

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The Briton has already ruled himself out of this year\’s title contentions after just four races in the season. Thus, the upcoming races would be a test of Hamilton\’s desire to fight back and prove his worth once again. At the end of the road, only Hamilton knows how he feels about the situation and his will to battle. But, one thing is for sure, a rough weekend in Imola cannot define the end of his extremely thrilling career. In a recent Instagram post, Hamilton quoted. \”working on my masterpiece. I\’ll be the one when to decide when it\’s finished\”. The recent post clearly suggested that Lewis Hamilton has not given up yet. And he will continue to fight on.

Lewis Hamilton Talks About His \”Lonely Journey\” Through F1

Recently, Lewis Hamilton spoke to Good Morning America Monday ahead of the Miami GP to improve the sport\’s diversity in the US. The Briton opened up about how it has been quite a lonely journey for him and his family as they have been the only Black family in F1. Lewis told that he has raced for 29 years with 16 years of professional driving.

Lewis Hamilton

But more often than not, Lewis has been the only person of color in the room. The seven-time world champ revealed that the lack of diversity in F1 inspired him to create the \”Hamilton Commission.\” The commission deals with the underrepresentation of Black people in UK motorsport. The Mercedes drivers also started \”Mission 44\”. This aims to support, champion, and empower young people from underrepresented groups in the UK and help them succeed.

Moreover, Hamilton pointed out that it all starts with education and understanding. The research body put together by Hamilton found that out of over 40,000 jobs in the F1 racing industry, only one percent of people come from Black backgrounds. The Briton also explained that there are real systematic issues for Black people in the field of education too. The Hamilton commission was created to help the young and under-served groups with representation, support, and empowerment.

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