Top Yankees Prospect Sidelines Despite Strong Spring Performance, Assigned To Minor League

Jasson Dominguez

Jasson Dominguez, the top prospect in the New York Yankees’ farm system, has been assigned to the minor league for this season.

The New York Yankees called close to 70 non-roster invitees to attend this year’s spring training session. Among those featured top minor league prospects and a few veteran players who were hanging by a thread. The prospects did not disappoint and justified their strong minor-league careers with solid performances. It went to the extent that the fans demanded their inclusion into the opening day roster.

The duo of Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe impressed the most this spring training. The top two prospects got ample amount of game time and successfully capitalized on it by putting up good numbers. However, as the regular season opening day inches closer, the Yankees are finalizing their starting roster. Hence, while Volpe’s future still hangs in the balance, we have the final word on Dominguez.

Yankees Assign Jasson Dominguez To Minor League

Jasson Dominguez
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Jasson Dominguez, also known as the “Martian,” signed with the New York Yankees in 2019. The 20-year-old was one the top prospect of the Yankees this season, only second to starting shortstop Anthony Volpe. He received a surprise call-up this spring training and transformed the big opportunity into a fruitful result. Jasson registered .455 with 4 home runs, a double, 8 RBIs, 8 runs scored, 3 walks, and a stolen base in 11 spring training outings. Moreover, his powerful home runs caught the eye of the fans, who demanded his inclusion into the final roster.

However, despite a strong performance in spring training performance, the Yankees announced its decision to send Dominguez to their minor league camp on Thursday after the game against the Pirates. The decision wasn’t a surprise, as Jasson Dominguez has yet to play a game above the minor league level and needs more time to develop his skills. However, his flash of brilliance in the spring training outing did make a solid case. Nonetheless, Dominguez’s development will be closely watched by the Yankees’ coaching staff and front office, as he has the potential to be a franchise-changing player. He is likely to get a call-up later in the season if all things go well.

Fans Unhappy Over Jasson Dominguez’s Departure To Minor League

 Jasson Dominguez - New York Yankees
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The Yankees have a history of being patient with their top prospects, and Dominguez is no exception. The team wants to ensure he gets plenty of at-bats and defensive reps in the minor leagues before he’s called up to the majors. While the decision looks fairly reasonable, the fans are not pleased with all. They all have watched Jasson’s game very closely throughout the spring training and stayed excited about his major league debut.

The fans took to social media and called out the New York Yankees for backing the wrong set of players. They accused the Yanks’ front office of sidelining genuine talent while supporting non-performing veteran players. They are still adamant about Dominguez’s promotion to the major league. However, as far as the Bombers’ are concerned, they are unlikely to budge anytime soon.