Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks was the subject of ridicule on social media after a fielding error during a game against the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees’ new regular left fielder, has majorly faced the brutal side of the Yankees fan base primarily due to disappointing performance from the past two seasons. Hicks has been with the Yankees since 2016 and has been a solid contributor to the team during that time. He has played both centers and left field for the team and has been a reliable defender in both positions.


However, the outfielder lost his form on the mound over the years. In an injury-plagued last season, he recorded .216/.330/.313, along with 8 home runs and 40 RBIs. Moreover, his poor defensive skills have further worked against his favor. Hence, Hicks has struggled to win over the hearts of Yankees fans and has often faced immense criticism and heckling.

Fans Destroy Aaron Hicks For His Brainfade Moment At The Field

The city of New York is known for its passionate and sometimes unforgiving fan base. And players who struggle to meet the expectations of the fans can quickly become targets for criticism and ridicule. Hicks is just the latest player to feel the heat of the New York spotlight. He is considered the Yankees’ regular left fielder for the 2023 season. However, his recent goof-up during spring training has left the fans second-guessing. During a game against Red Sox, Hicks stood like a rock as the ball flew over him at the left field corner. He misjudged it completely and ended up giving an extra run.

After the error, Aaron Hicks became the target of harsh criticism and trolling on social media. Fans took to Twitter to pronounce their frustration and disappointment with the outfielder, with many calling for him to be benched or even released from the team. The trolling of Hicks is not a new phenomenon. The outfielder has been the subject of criticism and trolling from fans throughout his career with the Yankees. His occasional lapses in the field and struggles at the plate have made him a frustrating player to watch at times. Fans have been quick to criticize him for his mistakes, and trolling on social media has become a common phenomenon.

Jasson Dominguez Rising As A Top Outfield Candidate

Aaron Hicks’ criticism is also coming after Jasson Dominguez‘s stellar spring training debut. The outfielder has shown immense potential being a 20-year-old. Hence, fans want the New York Yankees to look over Hicks and land Jasson an opportunity to feature in the left field. However, Jasson’s lack of minor league experience is something significantly standing his way to the majors.

Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez gets high-fives in the dugout after scoring.

Meanwhile, after the pitching rotation, the Yankees’ outfield situation is in turmoil. Aaron Hicks is already a headache with mediocre performance. Moreover, their regular center fielder, Harrison Bader, has lost six weeks of game time due to an oblique injury. These injuries are an alarming concern for the Yankees, with opening day approaching in just two weeks.