Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez gets hi-fives in the dugout after scoring.

Jasson Dominguez, the highly touted New York Yankees prospect, made his long-awaited spring training debut against the Phillies on Saturday.

The New York Yankees are off to a flying start in the Grapefruit League. After losing out to Phillies in the league opener, the Bombers registered three consecutive games. Further, the top prospects were given a chance to have their first taste of the major league, and they outshined the expectations. Players like Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe lived up to the hype.


Meanwhile, Jasson Dominguez was the highlight of the opening game against the Philadelphia Phillies. The 20-year-old is participating in his first-ever major league spring training and wasted no time in turning the heads around. Jasson hit a home run with a bat speed of 109.7 mph, and the ball traveled 420 feet into the stands. The fans and former players are gushing over the prospects’ electrifying performance.

Former Yankee Legend Left Highly Impressed With Jasson Dominguez

Jasson Dominguez
Jasson Domínguez high fives in the dugout after his home run.

Dominguez has been on the radar of Yankees fans and scouts since he signed with the team as an international free agent in 2019. He was just 16 years old at the time, but he was already creating a lot of buzzes. Last season, Jasson Dominguez hit .273, along with 16 homers and 59 RBI across 530 plate appearances in the minor league. Hence, the Yankees front office called him for spring training and were left awe-struck with his early signs of true potential.

Meanwhile, former Yankee legend Bernie Williams is all praise for Jasson Dominguez. The four-time world champion lauded Jasson’s work ethic and said he is a very easy-to-go person who is eager to learn new things. Bernie further added the 20-year-old values the opportunity and is not taking it for granted. Jasson wants to make the most of the once-in-a-lifetime fortune to have a feel of the major league. Coming from Williams, who spent his entire 16-year career with the Yankees and won four championships, those words carry weight. Williams is known for his own work ethic during his playing days, and he sees something special in Dominguez.

Fans Demand Dominguez, Volpe’s Inclusion In Starting Roster After Impressive Spring Training Debuts

Meanwhile, apart with the coaching staff, the Yankee fan base left extremely delighted seeing the two prospects, Jasson Dominguez and Anthony Volpe, perform. Both the youngsters displayed an energetic performance with some hard-hitting shots. Aaron Boone heaped praise on Jasson, saying he is extremely calm on the plate and showed absolutely zero urgencies while playing his shots.

Jasson Dominguez-Anthony Volpe
Jasson Dominguez-Anthony Volpe

On the other hand, Yankees coach, Carlos Mendoza, lauded Anthony Volpe and said that he looks like a total pro and not someone who is making his major league spring training debut. Carlos added that despite having too many stars in the bullpen, Volpe is unfazed and extremely focused on his game. The coach also said Volpe arrives early for practice sessions, and when the big guys come in, he quietly makes way for them. Later he sits around to watch and learn.