Yankees Syndergaard

On Tuesday, Noah Syndergaard pitched for the first time in New York since he left the Mets and took a one-year, $21 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels in the offseason. However, the Yankees had a completely different strategy planned against the starting pitcher. The Bombers scored four runs in the first innings against the Former New York Mets player, resulting in a 9-1 win against the Angles. The 29-year-old conceded five runs from seven hits and a walk with no strikeout in over 2 1/3 innings. The Angels manager Joe Maddon thought that Syndergaard was \”amped up\” being back on the New York soil. But the Yankees took him for a pounding instead.

The Angels pitcher revealed after the game that he felt a little bit of pressure and tension during the first innings. Moreover, Syndergaard said that Baseball is a funny game. A player can have a great start, and then things could get completely opposite in a matter of six days. The 2017 All-Star admitted that the Angels are struggling a little bit as they faced their sixth straight loss. He felt that it would have been nice to come out and turn the momentum in their favor. Syndergaard added, \”But I dropped the ball pretty seriously and didn\’t get the job done.\”


Talking about the pressure, Noah clarified that the tension was not related to his return to New York. The 29-year-old revealed that the City is the same awesome place. He enjoyed his off-day on Monday by taking a trip to Central Park and playing catch with Reid Detmers.

Is Syndergaard Missing The High-Velocity He Once Possessed?

Noah only pitched two innings in his last two seasons with the New York Mets. He underwent a Tommy John surgery in 2020 and has missed the high velocity he possessed before the surgery. His fastest sinker and fastball on Tuesday was somewhere between 92-5 miles. Moreover, the attack on Syndergaard affected his ERA as it raised 4.02 in eight innings. Before Tuesday\’s game, Noah conceded a one-run ball while pitching in eight innings against the Rangers last week. While the Angels\’ pitcher claimed to be feeling very good physically, he failed to put up a good performance against the Yankees.

However, the Angels\’ manager is still confident about Syndergaard\’s ability. Maddon said LA needs to be patient and avoid jumping to conclusions quickly. He thinks the team needs to be patient, trust Noah\’s abilities, and prepare him well for his next start.

Syndergaard was taken down for three runs in the first innings by DJ LeMahieu before Aaron Judge walked out on four pitches, followed by back-to-back doubles from Anthony Rizzo and Gleyber Torres. Matt Carpenter walked out after two batters and took Noah for a two-run home run that put the Yankees 4-0 up with two strikeouts in the first innings. Talking about his performance, Syndergaard said that he tried to aim the ball, but he fell behind the counts, and the Pinstripers capitalized on his mistakes.

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