The Major Injuries LeBron James Has Faced In His 19-Season Long NBA Career!

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LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the most dependable players in NBA history. The four-time NBA champ has given his all to every franchise he has played for and led them to success. The talented teenager from Akron made it to the NBA in 2003 after being picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Fortunately, James has played 19-seasons since then and has hardly missed games in long stretches. 

James is one of the fittest athletes in the world, despite being 6 feet 9 inches, 285 pounds, and 37-year-old. The factors that have made him one of the greatest names in the NBA are his consistency, longevity, and health. The 18-time NBA All-Star almost never missed multiple games during the first eight seasons of his career. Over the course of a long career, James had to suffer from only a few serious injuries. However, keeping injuries away requires elite preparation, to which LeBron has dedicated himself since the start of his career.


 The four-time NBA Finals MVP reportedly spends $3 million each season to keep his body in a perfect physical state. The preparation involves BioFreeze, muscle relaxers, suitable diets, and top workout equipment. The latest one was his ankle sprain last season, which took away the scoring title from him. So, let\’s take a look at all the injuries that LeBron has had in his NBA career.

LeBron\’s First Career Injury Came In 2011

In 2011, James suffered from chronic cramping in his right thigh and left calf while playing for Miami Heat during the playoffs. The Heat and James faced a disappointing loss in the NBA finals against the Mavericks as a result of James\’ struggles. Bron was frequently cramped while driving hard towards the basket or running back in defensive positions. It was the first time LeBron appeared to be weak, which was new to his fans who had seen him play without any problems. James decided to play through the pain, but his desperate efforts were not enough to win the finals in 2011.


Second Injury During The First Season With Lakers

James left the Cavaliers after his final season in 2018 and moved to Los Angeles Lakers. However, his first stint for the lakers does not turn out well for Bron. The team was seventh in the Western Conference in late December, and the scoring responsibility yet again came on James\’ shoulders. 

Sadly, he missed out on the next 20 games due to a severe groin injury. The 37-year-old overworked his groin area and ended up with a muscle tear. He faced the threat of the injury becoming chronic. But luckily, LeBron recovered well and led the Lakers to the finals the next season.


The Ankle Sprain That Took Away The Scoring Title Last Season

The Lakers found themselves in a terrible situation during the final stages of the regular season when LeBron James suffered a high ankle sprain. It came as a huge blow to the lakers after Anthony Davis missed out on almost half of the season due to Achille Tendinosis. The lakers were fighting for play-ins, and LeBron\’s injury came as a big disappointment for the team. 

With six games to go in the regular season, James was sidelined after suffering a left ankle sprain during a loss against the pelicans late in March. He missed out on five of the last six games and the opportunity to win a scoring title in his 19th season. James felt horrible after spraining his ankle. And the Lakers decided to give him some time for continued healing of his left ankle. As a result, LeBron had to sit out and watch the Lakers get out of the play-in contention by finishing 11th with a 33-49 record.

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