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Stephen Curry Makes History In Game 7 Vs. Kings, Ready To Take Down LeBron James’ Led Lakers In Next Face-Off

Undoubtedly, Stephen Curry is an inspiration for his team Golden States Warriors. When people say Curry carries the team on his shoulders, they are not wrong. In fact, they are absolutely right on the money. In recent times the NBA Universe has witnessed the rise of the Golden States Warriors dynasty. The Warriors are the defending champions. And most of its credit goes to Stephen Curry.

He has been the team’s star for more than a decade. The nine-time NBA All-Star also has two MVPs in his long and illustrious career. Nobody can deny the greatness of Stephen Curry. He is definitely among the top ten of all time. Curry helped the Warriors win four championships. He has always been a big-match player. Whenever the team needed him in do-or-die situations, Steph Curry has always delivered. And looks like the Warriors’ ace once again did the same against the Sacramento Kings to lead the squad forward to another step.


Stephen Curry Creates History To Confirm Lakers-Warriors Clash In 2nd Round

LeBron James Stephen Curry
LeBron James (Lakers) & Stephen Curry (Warriors)

The defending champions were in a tricky situation as the series was poised at 3-3. The Kings were hosting the Warriors after beating them at the Chase Center. It was tough to swallow for the Warriors to give up a 3-2 lead and could not seal the series at home. But it was time for Stephen Curry’s show in Game 7. He broke Kevin Durant’s record for scoring the most points in Game 7. Curry scored a career-high 50 points against the Kings last night. Moreover, he became the first ever to score 50 points in Game 7 in NBA. So, as expected, the Warriors defeated the Kings 120-100 in Game 7. It looks like when the fears were rising of the fall of the Warriors dynasty, Curry stepped up again. He has not just been the face of the franchise; Steph is the franchise himself.

Stephen Curry displayed all kinds of skills there is to demolish the Kings’ defense. The second half was the best phase of the match for Curry when he scored thirty points. The Lakers have been waiting for either the Kings or the Warriors in the second round. Now they know who’ll they face. It’s another LeBron James against the Warriors clash, another King James Vs. King Curry matchup in the playoffs. When James used to play for the Cavaliers, there was a chance that they could meet in the NBA finals as they did from 2015 to 2018. But they are part of the same conference table. As a result, they could not meet beyond the stage of the Western Conference Finals. However, after more than thirty years, the Lakers will meet the Warriors in the Western Conference semis.

Warriors Vs. Lakers – King Curry Vs. King James

Stephen Curry LeBron James
Stephen Curry (Warriors) & LeBron James (Lakers) on court

Now, fans are excited about the clash of the two greats again. Is it going to be the victory for the dynasty or for the new kings? Both these teams had a tough season from the beginning. Late February, the Warriors were the 9th seed. At the same time, the Lakers were the 13th seed. How have the tables turned? Whoever wins the semis will go to the Western Conference finals.

The Lakers have the experience of King James and AD, plus their young guns are blazing in the forms of AR, D’Lo, Rui, and so on. The Warriors are a one-man show, with Stephen Curry leading them all the way. They have Kevon Looney, who is the best rebounder they have got. Draymond Green is also doing pretty well. The Lakers Vs. The Warriors battle is going to be a clash of a lifetime.