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Dillon Brooks “Doesn’t Regret” Trash Talking LeBron James, The Latter Hits Back With Cryptic Tweet

Surprisingly, LeBron James has led the Los Angeles Lakers to another playoff semis just like he led the Lakers to the 2020 NBA championship. Since then, James has had a tough time with the Lakers. The team was not able to make the postseason last year. It was quite uncharacteristic of the Lakers and James, but they had only themselves to blame for it. At the time, the Lakers did not have the right mix in their roster and had tons of injury-related problems. They had a horrible start to the season.

The Lakers were 2-10 and looked like they were in no condition to make the postseason this year, either. However, the February trades changed their luck, and they gradually got back on track. The purple and gold have shocked everybody, including their fans, not just to make the postseason. But also, at present waiting for the Warriors in the second round of the playoffs. The Lakers have reached this remarkable height beating the second seed of the Western Conference, the Memphis Grizzlies. However, it was not as easy as the team made it look at the end. Amid this, James’ had a respectful contribution. However, they also lost 2 playoffs game to the Grizzlies. And their star player Dillon Brooks made some nasty comments about the 4-time All-Star. At that time, the Lakers’ star did not say anything. But looks like, after the ultimate win, LeBron James has come out to give a fitting reaction.


LeBron James Shows Dillon Brooks, “Who’s The Boss”!

LeBron James
LeBron James (Lakers) & Dillon Brooks (Grizzlies) On Court

The LA side won the first round of the playoffs against the Grizzlies 4-2. But it was pretty intense when it all started. In fact, the intensity reached another level because of the Grizzlies’ shooting guard, Dillon Brooks. While the Lakers were fighting their way through the play-in round against the Timberwolves, Brooks made some provoking comments. Dillon said something along the lines of, “It would be great to beat the Lakers on our way through the playoffs.” Throughout the series, Brooks had his eye on LeBron James. He kept on passing comments like “too old” on King James.

The Lakers star did not reply with words but with his performance helping the team clinch a dominating win against the second seed. However, after the series was over, LeBron James tweeted something in cryptic style. He quoted a Jay-Z song that might have been directed toward Dillon Brooks. James sure was upset about how Brooks and Ja Morant treated his team. Brooks kept fouling James whenever he got the chance. So, looks like LeBron James took his sweet time to tweet to say that Brooks should have been careful as he was talking trash to a legend of the game.

Talking Trash To James Made Things Difficult For Brooks And Grizzlies

Dillon Brooks
Dillon Brooks Grizzlies

Apparently, Dillon Brooks should never have disrespected LeBron James the way he did. Even the Grizzlies’ general manager, Zach Kleiman, acknowledged that his team created diversions for themselves in this series. However, Brooks was clearly unapologetic till the end as he mentioned, “I’m competitive. I’m proud of the way I play.” This was ironic because the way he plays has brought many penalties to pay for Brooks.

NBA fined Dillon Brooks $25000 for neglecting the media during the games between the Grizzlies and the Lakers. He was even sent out in the third quarter. It happened after 17 seconds in Game 3. Brooks hit LeBron James in his groin area and committed a flagrant foul 2. And eventually Brooks got the verdict of guilty.