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Anthony Davis Expected To Go Big Against Warriors, If He Remains Injury Free & Consistent

Anthony Davis has led the Los Angeles Lakers in the absence of LeBron James quite brilliantly. They were in such deep trouble until the February trades saved them. However, despite the quality changes in February, the Lakers had a big concern with injuries. Furthermore, when James suffered a tendon injury on his right foot and missed the on-court proceedings for a month, the Lakers fans thought it was over for them. Since last December, AD has been out with a stress injury and missed as many as twenty games. However, in mid-February, he came back to the lineup.

But the Brow was not displaying any major impactful performances. However, he took everybody by storm after James sustained the injury against the Mavericks in late February. He was there when the Lakers faithful needed him the most. It was AD that started the movement on the points table for the Lakers. They were the 13th seed for a long time in Mid-February. But now the Lakers have reached the Western Conference semi-finals. Albeit, AD was not alone. However, without Anthony Davis leading the Lakers in the right way, the team’s current status would not have been possible. He can be the trump card for the Lakers against the Warriors.


Anthony Davis Is A Big Threat For The Warriors

Lakers Vs Clippers
Los Angeles, CA – April 05: Clippers guard Russell Westbrook turns the ball over to Lakers power forward Anthony Davis in the first quarter Tuesday night, Apr. 5, 2023, at Arena. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

The fans and experts know how essential Anthony Davis is going to be against the Warriors. The whole world would be rooting for a LeBron James show against Steph Curry‘s Warriors. But without Anthony Davis controlling the offense and the defense, it is not possible for the Lakers. Currently, the Lakers are totally centered around AD and his contributions to the team’s offense and defense. Everybody knows Davis’ value on the Lakers side, including Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors. Kerr said watching only the footage of Anthony Davis won’t help much to understand his impact.

Steve Kerr added, “You got to get the realism dose.” The Warriors have got a great offense led by Stephen Curry. But even they know that they have to figure out a strategy to break the walls of the Lakers’ defense spearheaded by Anthony Davis. How great is he in the defense? AD has made 26 blocks this playoff. That is two times more than the rest of the players in the tournament’s playoff. How about his attacking abilities? The Brow has an average of 20.8 points and 13.7 rebounds against the Grizzlies in round 1 of the playoff. However, everybody knows he is capable of doing so much more in the offense.

Can AD Stay Fit For The Whole Series Against The Warriors?

Anthony Davis Lakers
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: ESPN

Anthony Davis needs to stay fit, and everything will be taken care of for the Lakers. The only concern is his weak fitness. The Lakers’ coach Darvin Ham had mentioned earlier that AD has got an active injury in his feet.

It won’t be a great idea to put a lot of pressure on his feet. Davis never really plays for the whole 48 minutes in any game, and neither had he played more than 75 games a season before due to his questionable fitness. If that stays fine, the Lakers can breathe a sigh of relief.