Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors are one of the best teams at their home, and they proved it last night. Steph Curry-led team came home, losing both the away game against the Sacramento Kings. And it was time for the Warriors to regain their dominance in the series displaying a great night of basketball. However, one man stood out among all with his game-high 38 points to lead his team to victory. The 35-year-old was so good that it was a treat watching him play at the chase center.

There is no doubt that Steph Curry is one of the legendary players in the league. And there are only a few players who can get the whole stadium heated like last night. It was the most needed performance from the baby-faced assassin, as the record displays 2-1 for the Kings in the series. If the team had not performed last night, climbing up from there would have been a hard climb. While Curry was enjoying one of his best nights out on the court, he also saved his teammate Draymond Green from ridicule. Keep reading to know the full story about last night. It is a delight.


Steph Curry Breaks Another MEGA Record

Stephen Curry. Source - Fox Sports

Filling stadiums and giving the fans the game of their life is not something new for the 35-year-old banger. Everyone is aware of his potential, and he has already broken a most-attended game record previously this year. But Steph Curry was on a whole different level last night while he led his team to the first victory of the playoff series. He made 6-6 of his long-range effort from more than 28ft distance to make King’s defense useless. And since it sounds so outrageous, there is nobody else who has done this before. With this, Curry became the first player in NBA history to make at least six threes from that deep in a single playoff game.

Steph Curry made a record of pulling such a perfect moment in a playoff game, and it has never been done before. It looked as if the golden boy could do nothing wrong. Everything he touched had the capability to turn into gold. The 49ers were also in the crowd who became witnesses to Curry’s greatness. And there was one moment when Steph dribbled past the defender to score a floater, and they could not stop themselves from celebrating. Sports get your blood running and emotions flying, and the 49ers were the perfect example.

Draymond Green Appreciates Curry For Saving The Game

The 33-year-old is a key figure in the Golden State Warriors team, and he has been for a while. But he was sent off last night after stomping on the chest of Domantas Sabonis. That left Curry in charge of the game from thereon. But Steph Curry controlled the game beautifully, and Draymond even said that there are only a few players who have that capability.

Steph Curry’s game last night was just jazz,” said Green on his own show. “Held me down again. I can’t thank him enough. Absolutely amazing” he said. After Green was off to the locker room, it looked like the team could go down 3-0. But they scored a win at home and would want to score another one in the next game to level the series.