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Anthony Rizzo Had An Epic Showdown With Vladimir Guerrero Jr. After The Latter’s Harsh Yankees Comment

The New York Yankees faced Toronto Blue Jays On Friday for a three-game series. The Yankees, who came off a stellar series win, went down against the AL-East rivals by 1-6. The offense, as usual, failed to step, and Domingo German had yet another disappointing outing. Overall, it was a game to forget for the Bombers, but it kinda ended on a very dramatic note.

The game between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays got heated up before the matchup even commenced. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. apparently issued a harsh statement in a pre-game interview. He said he would rather prefer death than to don the pinstripes on the field. The comment seemed uncalled for, and the fans took offense to it. Amid the uproar on the internet, the game took place and had an expected dramatic end.


Anthony Rizzo Confronts Vladimir Guerrero Jr. For Giving An Aggressive Stare To Greg Weissert

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (L) Anthony Rizzo (R)

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the designated hitter of the Toronto Blue Jays, came out with all guns blazing against the New York Yankees on Friday. In the very first inning, he slammed a two-run homer over the center field and provided his team with a commanding lead. The East rivals went on to target Yankees starter Domingo German and scored four runs in total before Albert Abreu gave away another couple. However, the most dramatic moment happened toward the end of the ninth inning. The Blue Jays were taking home a comfortable victory. But Guerrero Jr spiced it up with an aggressive stare.

Here’s the play. Greg Weissert stepped onto the mound to close the inning for the Yankees. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., on the plate, was plunked by a pitch off Greg and earned a free walk. However, instead of walking down to the first base, the DH took a couple of minutes and gave a long stare to Greg. He wasn’t happy with the blow and made it clear with his actions. Greg chose to ignore it but not Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo, stationed at the first base, confronted Vald Jr and asked him to stand down and just walk to base silently. Rizzo charged aggressively, and it reached a point wherein the umpires had to intervene. Later the baseman said he was just backing up his teammate, who certainly did not intend to plunk Vlad.

 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Vows To Never Sign With The Yankees

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
Toronto Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr., right, celebrates his two-run homer during the first inning of the baseball game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium, Friday, April 21, 2023, in New York. Seth Wenig – staff, AP

Jays slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has a lot of hatred toward the New York Yankees. When asked if he would even consider coming to New York, the slugger snapped and had an unusual response. He said he would never, not even dead, would sign with the Bombers. According to Vlad, the issue is personal and goes back to his family, which he cannot reveal.

This isn’t the first time Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has publically expressed his dissent towards the Yankees. Last November, he said he wanted to kill the Bombers and even called them the easiest rivals he had ever faced. Even during yesterday’s game, he silenced the Yankee home crowd with a finger on the lip gesture after hitting the homer off the first innings. Certainly, the following games would be a treat for the fans, as things will heat up even more from here on.