BRONX, NEW YORK – APRIL 15: umpire DJ Reyburn #17 checks Domingo German #0 of the New York Yankees hand in the fourth inning during the game against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium on April 15, 2023 in Bronx, New York. All players are wearing the #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson Day. (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

New York Yankees pitcher Domingo German was accused of using foreign substances to gain an unfair advantage by the Minnesota Twins manager.

The New York Yankees registered a crucial win over the Minnesota Twins on Saturday to stay alive in the four-game series. Evidently, in the game, Domingo German had a stellar outing. In 6.1 innings pitched, he gave away one run, three hits, and a career-high 11 strikeouts. He went off the sixth inning to a standing ovation from the crowd who once criticized him for a poor run.


However, German’s outing was filled with drama. Coming off a horror road trip last week, the pitcher turned things around for good and proved his worth. But it did not sit well with the Twins manager, Rocco Baldelli. He accused Domingo German of using external substances on throwing his palm to gain an undue advantage on the mound. Now, the pitcher has responded to the allegations and shared his side of the story.

Domingo German Issues Clarification After Massive Uproar Over The Use Of Rosin

Domingo German
Domingo German is checked for an illegal substance by the umpires on Saturday. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Rosin is a legal substance the pitchers use to improve their grip on the throw in MLB. During challenging weather conditions, the substance helps the pitchers with control. However, there is a limit on the usage of the sticky substance. This very rosin caused a massive uproar during the New York Yankees and Minnesota Twins matchup. After the third inning, the umpires checked Domingo German over the excessive use of the sticky substance called rosin and asked him to wash his hands. The pitcher did follow the order and washed his hands but not enough to satisfy the umpire.

After multiple checks and clarification from the Yankees’ management, Domingo German was cleared to pitch. However, that did not sit well with the Twins coach, Rocco Baldelli, who stormed into the field and protested. The situation heated up, and the officials had to eject Rocco to calm things down. German later resumed the outing. After a massive uproar, the pitcher issued a clarification. He said he has always used rosin, and it has never been a cause of worry. Moreover, he keeps a bag of rosin in the dugout where he sits and does not carry it with him to the mound. Hence he did not apply any additional substance during his time at the mound. Also, since German doesn’t speak English, the umpire’s orders might have been misunderstood by him. Overall, German claimed innocence and denied all the allegations.

German Feared Ejection After Heated Argument

Domingo German
New York Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German is checked by the umpire for illegal substances on his hand in the fourth inning against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium. Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Twins coach Rocco Baldelli stormed into the field after the umpires allowed Domingo German to resume his outing after a necessary substance check. Rocco felt Domingo had used excessive sticky substance and should be disallowed to pitch any further. He got into a heated argument with the match officials, who later ejected him for the rest of the matchup.

During the whole fiasco, Domingo German feared that he might get ejected. German said things got really ugly in the middle, and it did not look good for the team. However, he explained his side thoroughly to the umpires, and Aaron Boone’s timely intervention saved the day for them.