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The Los Angeles Lakers witnessed yet another turn in their roller coaster ride as this whole season has been since the start. Anthony Davis, who has been an integral part of the squad, could not participate in the games that happened in the last month. The power forward has been an injury-prone athlete since he came to the Lakers in 2019. His second year in the Purple and Gold became a massive hit as he won the championship alongside LeBron James in 2020. However, things down the line have been different, considering the changes and injuries that happened in the past few years.

The Lakers are not considered one of the best teams in the league. But their team, on paper, is a threatening one. The combination of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is enough to scare any team to its core. Following the attack was an electrifying defense of Russell Westbrook, who could score points when needed for his team. Yet the Lakers are still at the bottom of the table in the Western Conference because of their mismatch and inconsistency. Meanwhile, NBA analyst, & King James’ BIGGEST CRITIC, Skip Bayless use their tragedy as a means of his business to criticize LeBron and his team.

LeBron James- Lakers
LeBron James

Skip Bayless Taunts His Appreciation Towards Lakers and Its Superstars

It’s one thing to criticize teams and players on television. But what Skip Bayless does is about taking every opportunity he could use to talk negatively about King James and the Lakers. It is not a new phenomenon for the NBA insider, as he has built a whole career out of it. However, there have also been times when Bayless spit some words of appreciation for one of the greatest to play the sport. One such incident happened when LeBron consecutively scored 40-plus points. And it happened again when Los Angeles lost the game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Skip took it to Twitter to tell everyone that LeBron is the greatest driver of basketball ever. And he appreciates the fact that the 18-time All-star is just the greatest in today’s NBA. Recently, the four-time champ crossed the 38000 points mark to become only the second player in the history of the NBA. And LeBron is just a few hundred points away from taking the top spot for NBA’s All-time scoring list. In the meantime, the Lakers are greatly suffering in the league as LeBron desperately tries to carry the team to the playoffs.

Skip Bayless does not just draws the line on the Lakers superstar. He also gulps the whole franchise with his hateful and criticizing comments. In the recent win against the Antonio Spurs, the insider talked about LA trailing behind with one point. Bayless made his point by saying that the Spurs are one of the worst teams. And still, the Lakers were behind them in the third quarter. Following the incident, he said that the Lakers are one of the weirdest teams in the league.

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