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LeBron “King” James has repeatedly proven himself as one of the greatest Basketball players ever to exist. His recent feat is the perfect example of his magnitude. On Monday, Los Angeles Lakers played the Philadelphia 76ers. James came out all guns blazing as he registered yet another 30+ point game. However, that was not enough for the Lakers, as the lack of support led to a one-point defeat. Hence, the Lakers stand 13th on the Western Conference points table with 19-24.

Nonetheless, LeBron James was the only positive that came out of the game. Within minutes into the game, James clocked 38,000 total career points and became the only player after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to do so. However, even during the biggest and most proudest moment of his 20-year-long career, Lebron was caught in the storm of criticism. And just so you know, there are no prizes for guessing who the critic could possibly be.


Skip Bayless Is Back And Demeans LeBron James For His Low 3-Point Average

LeBron James- Skip Bayless
LeBron James- Skip Bayless

LeBron James is now the only second player in the history of the Basketball game to have scored 38,000 points. However, the historic moment certainly did not end up on a winning note. The Lakers lost to the 76ers by 112-113. Despite James’ 35 points, the lack of support from the other end sunk the team. Moreover, LeBron James’ biggest critic and Fox Sports analyst, Skip Bayless, saw an opportunity to target the 38-year-old and decided to demean the superstar.

Skip Bayless in a tweet targeted LeBron James. Bayless completely discredited James’ 38,000-point record. He instead reminded the world of his all-time love 3-point shooting average. King James has a 3-point shooting average of 28.5, which is his all-time career low. He last faced such a low during his rookie years in Cleveland. Bayless added nobody cares if a person who is in pursuit of becoming the all-time leading scorer in the NBA has the worst 3-point career average.

King James Creates History, Chases Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Record

LeBron James- Kareem Abdul Jabbar

After the last game, LeBron King James created history and became the only second player ever to score 38,000 points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the first and only person to achieve the feat before James. Kareem finished his career with a total of 38,387 points. Hence, having already breached the 38,000 mark, King James is now eyeing the all-time record. Moreover, at this pace, the record is not far from James’ reach. The only question remains if he can get in at the end of the ongoing season.

Records and LeBron’s greatness aside, the LA Lakers are in turmoil. King James is trying hard, but he needs substantial support from the other hand. Ever since Anthony Davis received a blow on his foot, the Lakers have fallen apart. Even after five consecutive wins, they could not move on the points table. For now, the situation is grim, and the door to the playoff is closing in with each game.

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