Red Bull RB17

Red Bull Racing, reeling under an internal power struggle that erupted after team principal Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct case, announced a mega departure just days ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. Adrian Newey, the chief technical officer with 40 years of experience, will leave the team in 2025.

Adrian Newey has been the backbone of Red Bull’s success over the years. However, with his role in F1 related activities reduced, Newey chose to move on. Apparently, the engineer will use the rest of his time left with the team to focus on the drink company’s much anticipated hypercar project RB17 which is expected to be unveiled later this year.


Red Bull To Launch Hypercar RB17 In July This Year!

Red Bull (RB17)

To compete with the likes of Aston Martin and Mercedes, two giant automobile companies, Red Bull, a drink manufacturer company, decided to develop their own hypercar RB17 at motorsport factory Milton Keynes. Adrian Newey, the car designing wizard, was put in charge as RB announced the project back in 2022. That being said, the drink-based racing out confirmed Newey’s departure earlier this week after months of speculations. The chief technical officer will leave the team after the first quarter of the 2025 season. And with all the time that’s left with the 65-year-old engineer, he will utilize the same to execute the final stage of the hypercar project development and will step back from F1 duties.

Interestingly, Red Bull will complete and launch the much-awaited dream project before Adrian Newey’s departure. As per rumors, the RB17 will be unveiled in July 2024 at the Goodwill Festival of Speed, and the hypercar is expected to compete with supercars such as the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Mercedes-AMG One. Apparently, the team will only produce 50 units of the car at their technology campus in Milton Keynes, out of which one will be gifted to Newey to acknowledge his contributions to the outfit. Additionally, the RB17 will be bundled with on-track training and experiences and will be valued at $6.3 million, excluding local taxes. Also, RB17 will feature a traditional V10 engine instead of a twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain. It will be Newey’s last project with the team as he ends his two decades of partnership with Red Bull.

Adrian Newey To Leave Without Gardening Leave!

Red Bull

In a major unexpected revelation, Adrian Newey will reportedly leave Red Bull without serving any gardening leave as previously assumed. Apparently, the chief technical officer negotiated his way out for an early exit and given he does not sign with any other team before his determined exit date, Newey will not be forced to serve any gardening leave, i.e., notice period.

That essentially means that Adrian Newey can join any team after the first quarter of 2025 season and begin the 2026 car development from scratch. It is rumored that Ferrari is our front runner as Fred Vasseur reportedly met the aero wizard in person in London earlier this week. An announcement is expected after the Miami Grand Prix.

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