Adrian Newey

The much-anticipated confirmation of Adrian Newey’s exit is official. The 65-year-old engineer is set to leave Red Bull after a remarkable 18-year stint. Surprisingly, the aero wizard will not serve a gardening leave period. Thus, he will be a free agent to help rival Formula One teams in 2026.

The chief technical officer signed the contract with RBR in 2006. Since then, he has helped the team win seven drivers’ and six constructors’ world titles. Newey’s experience was vital for the Milton Keynes outfit ahead of the upcoming 2026 regulations. Moreover, a seismic shift in the F1 standing could occur if the veteran designer joins a rival team. 


Adrian Newey’s Italy Visit Sparks Ferrari Speculations 


The news of Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull has been trending for the past week. Now, after the official announcement of Newey’s departure, his next destination is the talk of the town. Also, Red Bull confirmed through a social media post that the CTO will only focus on developing the Hypercar-RB17. Consequently, he will step back from Formula One design duties. After a chaotic exit, Newey said it was an ‘Honour’ for him to work for RBR. However, after almost two decades of excellence, it is time for him to seek new endeavors. Since the aero wizard will now be set free, his future remains the most fascinating storyline.

On the other hand, Newey’s recent Italy visit suggests a Ferrari move. On an F1 Nation podcast, Christian Menath decoded the 65-year-old Briton’s future movements. Newey’s recent Italy trip excited the Prancing Horse fans. However, Menath’s outlook suggests a different story. The veteran designer was seen at the Bologna airport.  According to Menath, he was driving his classic cars around Mugello. However, the journalist believes Ferrari will offer Newey a lucrative proposal. 

Moreover, if the Briton decides to join Scuderia, it’ll be a dream team accompanied by Lewis Hamilton. Notably, the regulation change in 2026 will reshuffle the F1 grid. Thus, Adrian Newey’s experience in the paddock will be pivotal for any team. 

Who Will Be The Next Home For Newey?

Apart from Ferrari, Adrian Newey’s options are aplenty. Earlier,  Lance Stroll, the Aston Martin owner, tabled a staggering offer to the aerodynamic specialist. The Canadian billionaire wants to turn the Silverstone outfit into a success. Thus, no one is better than Newey to flip the script for Aston Martin. The reports suggest Stroll has offered him a contract for €25 million.

On the other hand, Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, is in the queue to hire Adrian Newey. The Silver Arrows trailed RBR by 400 points in last year’s Constructors’ leaderboard. Thus, someone as talented as Newey might help them climb the ladder. 

However, even a multi-million contract might not be enough to onboard Newey. At 65, he would prefer to offer consultation services rather than designing roles. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.