Adrian Newey

The news of Adrian Newey’s potential departure from Red Bull Racing has sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 community. This monumental split, expected to occur just before the upcoming sprint weekend, could shake the foundations of the reigning Constructor’s Champions. In a move that has caught many off guard, reports suggest that the aero wizard has already handed in his resignation on Tuesday, leaving a significant void in the team’s leadership. 

The Chief Designer has contributed 25 title victories across teams like Williams, McLaren, and RBR. After leaving McLaren for Red Bull in 2006, Newey has turned the Milton Keynes-based setup into a dominating force. Therefore, his exit move has pushed the energy drink-based outfit into the back seat. 


Red Bull-Newey Impending Split Sparks Interest Ahead Of The Miami GP

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The impending Red Bull-Newey split is set to happen ahead of the Miami GP. After some internal conflicts and Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct controversy, Newey decided to end his 20-year stint with RBR. However, the internal disputes were ‘long-held,’ while the latest controversy rekindled past pain.  Thus, given the context, the Chief Technical Officer’s resignation is not as shocking as it seems. Also, there have been past instances, like Renault’s engine issue in 2014, when Newey had an opportunity to leave. However, the underlying current problems are much more peculiar. The reason is that Red Bull is now a part of the veteran engineer’s problem. Thus, this time, a reconciliation seems an unlikely event. In addition to the internal power mayhem, Newey feels undervalued despite his contribution to the team’s current success. His resentment persists due to his RB17 road project, excluding him from the inner circles of F1. 

Notably, the veteran designer has expressed his dissatisfaction on numerous occasions. RBR management might have failed to provide support, leaving Newey with the sole choice of an early exit. The Technical maestro has no interest in the team’s broader political wrangling. The current appalling environment is bothering Adrian Newey, while RBR management seems disinterested in finding a solution. Although everyone awaits an official announcement, his exit clause remains a mystery. Teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin would be more than happy to have the experience of Newey in their backroom staff. Therefore, it’ll be interesting to see whether RBR allows him a swift exit and how his future in F1 unfolds. 

Newey’s Exit Will Reanimate The F1 Grid, Feels Jenson Button

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Amid all the ‘exit’ chaos, Jenson Button believes Newey’s departure will reignite the fire in Formula One. During a SkySports podcast, the British racer hailed Newey’s knack for designing, as he focuses on every fine detail. The former world champion was unhappy with the controversies taking shape at RBR. However, he feels Newey’s exit is good for the sports, giving other teams an outside chance. 

Moreover, he said that if the gardening period lasts until 2027, Newey might not be able to help a team until 2029. Thus, for a 65-year-old designer, this is a long time down the road. Therefore, the days ahead will shape the course of RBR’s fate.