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In the past 20 years, Red Bull Racing has won every race in a car designed by none other than renowned engineer Adrian Newey. The man has been in the motorsport business for over 40 years out of which he spent two decades in Bulls alone. However, the historic association is set to come to an end.

On Wednesday, Red Bull officially confirmed Adrian Newey’s departure after the first quarter of the 2025 season. While several rival teams have already begun to line with lucrative, Newey has apparently made his choice, as an official announcement is expected after the Miami Grand Prix. 


Adrian Newey Ruled Out Having Any Interest In Joining Aston Martin!

Adrian Newey

After two decades of enormous success at Red Bull, Adrian Newey will now pass the baton to seek exciting opportunities elsewhere. Disappointed by the team’s internal power struggle, Newey decided to take this big step for the sake of his mental peace. That being said, Newey’s exit won’t be happening until the first quarter of the 2025 season, as the engineer is expected to focus on the delivery of the drink company’s upcoming RB17 Hypercar project. Notably, the chief technical officer is relieved of his F1 duties with immediate effect, and he will spend the rest of his time with the team working on the hypercar project. That being said, Newey is yet to make a decision on his future beyond RB, as many teams have come up with lucrative offers.

As per the latest update from Autosport, Adrian Newey has reportedly ruled out any interest in joining Aston Martin. Interestingly, the engineer earlier admitted regretting not working with Fernando Alonso. Additionally the Astons impending partnership with Honda and Lawrence Stroll’s deep pockets were believed to be the key factors influencing Newey to consider a move to Aston Martin. However, it has been learned that Newey isn’t interested in joining either Aston Martin or Mercedes, which leaves him with Ferrari. The aero wizard has always wanted to work for the red team, and team principal Fred Vasseur is going above and beyond to secure Newey’s services before the 2026 car development window opens up. Vasseur is believed to be extremely close to signing a deal with Newey, and an announcement is expected soon.

Fred Vasseur Flies To London To Recruit Newey To Ferrari!

Red Bull, Adrian Newey
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Interestingly, Italian media is reporting that Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur diverted his flight from Miami to London to meet soon to be free agent Adrian Newey in person. Apparently, Vasseur landed in London with an offer in hand for Newey and the duo seem to be on the same page with apparent mutual interest. 

If all things go well, Adrian Newey’s Ferrari move could be announced as soon as at the end of Miami Grand Prix. Notably, Adrian Newey cannot officially sign a deal just yet as it would require him to serve a gardening leave. If he signs after his exit from Red Bull i.e after the first quarter of 2025 season, he would be allowed to leave immediately without any gardening notice.

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