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In a bombshell update that shook the F1 fraternity, Red Bull chief technical officer Adrian Newey is reportedly seeking an early exit by the end of the year. BBC News, along with many notable media houses, confirmed the speculations, saying Newey would negotiate an early exit from his contract, which runs through 2025.

Notably, Adrian Newey, who served two decades with Red Bull and also previously offered his expertise to Williams and McLaren, took the bold step in the aftermath of Red Bull’s internal crisis that erupted following Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct allegations. But if not Red Bull, then where will Newey go next?


Adrian Newey In Advance Talks With Ferrari, Claims Italian Media!

Red Bull

After two decades, 12 constructors, and 13 driver championships, one of the finest F1 engineers, Adrian Newey, has decided to leave Red Bull by the end of the year. Red Bull’s internal power struggle and differences in opinion with team principal Christian Horner forced Newey to pull the plug. While an official confirmation is yet to be conveyed, several trusted media houses have confirmed the rumors from their sources. That being said, Newey, popularly known as the aerodynamics wizard for his impeccable car designing knowledge, will not be short on offers. In fact, ever since the internal crisis broke out inside the Red Bull camp, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin have been gunning for Newey.

Interestingly, after Adrian Newey’s exit rumors broke out, Italian media house Formula Passion reported that Ferrari had been in advance contract negotiation talks with the chief technical officer. Notably, Ferrari previously expressed their interest in acquiring Newey’s services if given a chance. And the acclaimed engineer himself confirmed that he had wanted to work for Ferrari long ago, and that was a dream he had left to achieve. Ferrari, meanwhile, after having acquired Lewis Hamilton in a stunning coup, wants to move back to the top under the leadership and guidance of Fred Vasseur. Hence, with Adrian Newey, Ferrari will have the big piece of the puzzle required to accomplish the ambitious goal. Of course, these claims are mere conjectures, and neither Red Bull nor Newey himself has come forward to either reject or deny the claims.

Is Aston Martin Also An Option For Red Bull Wizard?

Mercedes, Red Bull

Besides, Ferrari and Aston Martin could be Adrian Newey’s best bet. Weeks after Lawrence Stroll announced a partnership with Honda, rumors of the acclaimed businessman gunning after Adrian Newey also emerged. It was reported that Stroll intends to lure Newey with a lucrative offer. However, those rumors were later denied by the racing outfit. But with Newey finally exiting Red Bull, Stroll might be tempted to re-enter the pursuit.

As far as Mercedes are concerned, the prospects of Adrian Newey considering the German outfit is far less compared to Ferrari and Aston Martin. They are on a downward trend with no signs of immediate respite. And now that seven time champion Lewis Hamilton is also headed to Ferrari to 2025, Mercedes have nothing to look forward to and perhaps nothing to lure Newey to Brackley.

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