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2PWER84 VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait PEREZ Sergio (mex), Red Bull Racing RB19, portrait press conference during the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023, 4th round of the 2023 Formula One World Championship from April 28 to 30, 2023 on the Baku City Circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan – Photo Xavi Bonilla/DPPI Credit: DPPI Media/Alamy Live News

Max Verstappen dominated the divine sport of F1 like never before when he claimed a 19-win season in 2023. However, what set his dominance apart was the mammoth difference in championship points (200+) between Verstappen and his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez.

Despite being in an equal machinery, the Red Bull teammates’ performances were poles apart. At a certain stage, Max Verstappen gained a 20-second edge over Checo, which raised speculations of preferential treatment towards the Dutch driver. However, Red Bull’s esteemed chief technical offer, Adrian Newey, seemingly rejected the theory, stating how both drivers want the same thing at the of the day.


Adrian Newey Believes Max Verstappen’s Driving Style Similar To The Rest Of The Grid!

Red Bull

When Sergio Perez hit a slump last year amid Red Bull’s dominant run, questions over the disparity between the two drivers were actively raised. Checo’s lack of podium finishes was hurting the team’s constructors’ championship chances, and therefore, he was on the receiving end of extensive criticism and ultimatums from his own senior team officials. Not only that, Checo’s dad added fuel to the preferential treatment theory by stating the RB19 was designed to suit Max Verstappen’s aggressive driving style. Some critics also argued that this alleged bias has manifested in the form of preferential car setups, strategic decisions, and resource allocation within the team. However, Red Bull’s chief technical offer, Adrian Newey, seemingly rejected this theory in his latest interview with RacingNews 365.

Adrian Newey said that contrary to popular belief, Max Verstappen’s driving style is similar to the rest of the grid. And when he received feedback during car development, both Checo and Max Verstappen ended up with the same demands. Notably, Newey also added that he mostly likes to hear drivers’ feedback in three different disciplines: the sensitivity to tires, aerodynamics, and engine drivability. That being said, Newey’s denial comes after another team engineer claimed that Verstappen’s driving style does differ as he relies more on the rear end to generate speed. That apparently gave Red Bull an edge to build a more stable car whilst adding more downforce towards the rear end. Needless to say, these contrasting claims further puts Red Bull in a spot in the backdrop of preferential treatment allegations.

Max Verstappen Displeased With Sprint Race In Chinese GP

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen Source: Eurosport

The Chinese Grand Prix is returning after a five-year gap, and interestingly, the FIA has decided to insert a spring race for the upcoming weekend. However, defending world champion Max Verstappen is not a fan of the schedule and called it out during a media interview. “Purely from a driving perspective of the sport, I think it’s not the smartest thing to do,” Verstappen told Autosport.

Max Verstappen argued that since the Chinese GP is returning after a long layoff, the drivers are not accustomed to track conditions. Therefore, they need additional practice sessions to figure out the right setup for the car. Given the unknown territory, it would have been in the sport’s best interest if the FIA had omitted the sprint race for this round, opines Max Verstappen.

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