Adrian Newey

Rumors and speculations about Adrian Newey’s Red Bull exit came to a halt. The team officially announced that the chief technical officer would no longer be part of the Milton Keynes outfit. Since the confirmation, the F1 world has been filled with waves of Newey’s potential future move. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes Boss, was keenly observing the RBR chaos. He was adamant about getting Newey on board to revive the W15 project. However, the Briton is not a fan of their ground-effect concept. Thus, Mercedes might not be his top pick. 

The 65-year-old is considered one of the greatest car designers ever. He has been significant to Red Bull’s success for the past 20 years. Newey has designed some of the most powerful cars in motorsport history. Thus, a designer with such caliber and experience will be on the priority list of other F1 teams. But will he join Mercedes to give them a vital boost?


Is There A Hope To Revive Mercedes?

Toto Wolff with Mercedes F1 team drivers

The eight-time Constructors’ title winners are going through a tough stretch. The recent Chinese GP was the same, as they failed to bag the top spots. The technical team is under scrutiny, as they’re clueless amid a harrowing season. The team experimented with some radical tweaking, which backfired. The constant failures of the Silver Arrows make them the least likely option for the aero wizard.

Moreover, Newey is ‘not a fan’ of their ground-effect concept. Therefore, at 65, it’ll be a daunting task for him to rectify the issues and build a new project from scratch. Also, the time required to make things right for the Brackley-based outfit is uncertain. This is due to past blunders, as the project is beyond repair. 

In 2022, the Silver Arrows introduced the ‘zero-pod’ concept, which was a failure. Later, in 2023, despite eliminating the idea, things kept getting worse. The silver lining outfit is constantly in a tussle with aerodynamics. Even the brightest minds cannot fix the car’s design to improve the aero factor. Thus, Newey might overlook the German outfit’s offer. 

Mercedes Upgrade Package Might Resolve The ‘Underlying Issue’ 

toto wolff smirk planetf1

The Silver Arrows seem clueless, as their inability to pinpoint the errors results in a slump.  The technical experts are working hard, but it seems all in vain. However, a team can fight for the podium with the correct upgrade package. Teams like Aston Martin and McLaren are prime examples, as their upgrade has worked wonders. 

However, Mercedes’ Technical Head, James Allison, is confident ahead of the Miami GP. The latest upgrade package might uplift the camp’s spirit. The technical team has tried to fix the underlying balance issue. It’ll allow the drivers to pass through long, high-speed corners swiftly. Thus, the team will follow an orthodox approach for the main race. Therefore, with the upgrade package, Miami GP will be an opportunity for Mercedes to bounce back.