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On May 1, Red Bull Racing confirmed the long-withstanding rumors and speculations of renowned design engineer Adrian Newey’s exit. The team informed via an official statement that Newey will leave the team after the first quarter of the 2025 season without having to serve any gardening leave.

Interestingly, many speculated that due to the gardening leave clause, Adrian Newey’s move to another team would be delayed until 2027. However, the 65-year-old engineer was able to talk his way out during exit negotiations in exchange for his silence in the infamous Christian Horner sexual misconduct case.


Adrian Newey Grew Apart From Red Bull Due To Christian Horner’s Bossy Attitude!

Red Bull, Christian Horner, Adrian Newey
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Red Bull Racing will bid farewell to veteran designing engineer Adrian Newey after 20 years of togetherness in 2025 and not 2027, as previously speculated. Many pundits claimed that Newey won’t be able to make a move elsewhere due to gardening leave, which could extend until 2027. However, the 65-year-old aero wizard was able to talk his way out of it during negotiations. Motorsport Total recently reported that Newey was granted his wish of not wanting to serve a notice period in exchange for his silence in the Christian Horner sexual misconduct case. Apparently, Newey agreed not to convey his opinion and views on Horner’s case in the media after his exit, and in exchange, he was allowed to skip his gardening leave. 

Not only that, the media portal further reported that Adrian Newey and team principal Christian Horner grew apart even before the latter’s sexual misconduct case exploded earlier this year. Apparently, Horner’s behavior towards the team changed following the death of Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. He portrayed himself as the linchpin of the team’s success to the majority of Thai owners and downplayed other key personnel’s contributions, including that of Adrian Newey. And Newey certainly didn’t like that, as he has been with the drink-based outfit for the past 20 years. And RB won every race on the track until today in Newey’s designed car. Hence, the sexual misconduct case only added fuel to the burning fire as Newey chose to pull the plug. He will complete the hypercar RB17 project at the earliest and leave happily next year.

Adrian Newey’s Manager Leaks His Next Move After RB Exit!

Red Bull, Adrian Newey
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With his Red Bull exit confirmed earlier this week, Adrian Newey is yet to decide on his future. Rumors suggest that Ferrari remain front runners as Fred Vasseur reportedly met the aero wizard in London yesterday. And if all things go well, a deal could be announced formally by the end of the upcoming Miami Grand Prix. However, Newey’s manager has squashed the rumors.

Eddie Jordan, Ex-Formula 1 team owner and Adrian Newey’s manager, appeared on the Formula Passion podcast to confirm that Newey won’t be jumping into a new contract just yet. He has served 20 years in Red Bull and has worked under intense pressure. Hence, the 65-year-old might feel tempted to opt for a much-deserved vacation on a cruise before deciding on his future.

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