Aaron Judge in the dugout during the Yankees’ game against the Red Sox on June 10, 2023. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

As the New York Yankees navigate through a steady start to the 2024 MLB season, the struggles of captain and star outfielder Aaron Judge have become a focal point of concern. With his performance below expectations, the team finds itself exploring potential moves to reignite Judge’s spark and help him return to his dominant form on the field. The captain’s form is essential in Yanks’ postseason hopes. Hence, the club will be required to push the panic button sooner than later. On that note, here are three strategic considerations the Bronx Bombers could explore to revitalize Judge’s game on the plate.

1. Switch Aaron Judge’s Spot With Juan Soto!


Prior to Juan Soto’s addition to the roster, the New York Yankees boasted how Aaron Judge would offer security to the generational star. Soto, traditionally accustomed to playing third, switched to second in the batting order, and the change of order hasn’t affected his game as he’s hitting a .331 average with eight homers and 25 RBIs. However, moving to third surely affected Judge’s game as his average has slipped below .200. Notably, the captain has played second 529 times in his career and has a .992 OPS with 173 homers. Hence, perhaps it’s time for the Yanks to consider switching positions to induce a comeback for the captain.


2. Aaron Judge In Leadoff Spot?

Aaron Judge, Yankees
© Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

While Aaron Judge’s struggles on the plate have seen no bounds, Yankees leadoff hitters Gleyber Torres and Anthony Volpe haven’t been any indifferent. Volpe and Torres have played 32 games combined as leadoff and have hit just .203 with a home run and a .555 OPS. Meanwhile, Aaron Judge has hit .352 with a 1.177 OPS in 36 career games as a leadoff hitter. Hence, the responsible leadoff spot is not an unfamiliar category for the former AL-MVP. A few games trial run would surely help him take his swings without any pressure. Moreover, if Judge moves to leadoff, Giancarlo Stanton can accommodate himself to third and fetch larger at-bats.

3. Leave Judge Alone!

Aaron Judge
Aaron judge in the on deck circle at Minute Maid Park. via Twitter NYY

At the end of the day, Aaron Judge is a former AL-MVP, five-time All-Star slugger, three-time Silver Slugger awardee, and two-time home run leader. He knows his game better than any other human being. And this season, he’s already made significant adjustments as a full-time center fielder. Not to mention, Judge is also nursing a toe injury side by side. Hence, the man whose being carrying the Yankees offense since his debut needs a break and, most importantly, must be left alone. He understands his job and responsibilities and has the courage as well as the capability to bounce back from the grave slump. 

Ultimately, with the right support and faith, Aaron Judge has the potential to electrify fans once again and lead the New York Yankees to victory. The fans, as well as the organization, need to have patience and trust in the captain. With a major half of the 2024 season still left on the cards, Judge will hit home runs like he used to and ensure a deep postseason finish for the Bombers.

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