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The New York Yankees faced the Baltimore Orioles in a four-game series earlier this week, the first challenging task of the 2024 MLB season. The Orioles are defending AL-East champions and kicked off the season on a high. Hence, the challenge was tough, and a few costly mistakes led to a 3-1 series loss to the Yanks.

In the series finale, Carlos Rodon blew up with 7 runs in four innings. The hitters struggles perpetuated and lapses in defense just added to the frustration. Gleyber Torres’ fumble at second base irked Yankees skipper Aaron Boone as he reprimanded him in the post game interview.


Aaron Boone Slams Gleyber Torres For Not Meeting Major League Standards!

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Gleyber Torres, New York Yankees seasoned second baseman, made a costly error in the field against Baltimore Orioles on Thursday. With a game series hanging in the balance, Carlos Rodon exploded with a runs outing, which was partially spoiled by ugly efforts in the field by Torres. In the bottom of the fifth innings, an error by Torres allowed Mountcastle to reach second base safely. Subsequently, Jordan Westburg hit a triple to center field, driving in two runs in the Orioles’ already hefty lead. As a repercussion, the Yanks suffered a horrendous, serious defeat from their arch-AL-East rival. Needless to say, a frustrated manager, Aaron Boone, didn’t mince his words during the post-game interview and threw shade at Torres for the routine mishap.

Aaron Boone insisted that Gleyber Torres failed to live up to the major league standards. He must have made that play, and there’s simply no excuse. Boone added that he’s unsure if Torres was trying to do too much on the field, which probably led to the error. But nevertheless, the play should have been secured, reckoned Boone. Later, Gleyber Torres accepted his mistake, saying that his error was unacceptable and there was essentially no excuse. Not only that, Torres said that they got punched in the face by the Orioles and that they need to do better henceforth into the season. With the four-game series loss, the Yankees slipped to second place in the AL-East table with a decent 20-13 record. And with that, the challenging road trip came to an end. The Yanks will now fly back home in the Bronx for a three-game series vs Tigers.

Yankees Hitting Coach Ejected For Fighting Juan Soto’s Strike Call

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As series started to slip out of New York Yankees’ hands, tensions flared in the middle as hitting coach James Rowson got fired up after a questionable strike call against Juan Soto. In the top of the seventh innings, Soto got called for his first strike against Danny Coulombe and Rowson didn’t agree with the same.

He shouted at the plate umpire from the Yankees dugout, and after repeated swearing, the umpire tossed him out. It was the season’s first ejection for James Rowson, who joined the team earlier this off-season as a replacement for Sean Casey. Regardless, Juan Soto failed to produce fireworks as the Yanks went 7-2 against the Orioles.

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