Christian Horner
Christian Horner’s comments mark the latest escalation of a furious row over Mercedes’ struggles with porpoising CREDIT: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Red Bull Racing’s internal dispute escalated intensely after team principal Christian Horner was cleared of sexual misconduct by the internal investigation committee. While he claimed innocence, the alleged leaked evidence suggested otherwise. Regardless, the matter was swept under the rug to protect the racing outfit’s image.

However, the matter is far from over, as concerning revelations have been dropping non-stop since the past week. In a fresh bombshell update, the complainant who accused Christian Horner of transgressive behavior approached FIA with a formal complaint after Red Bull refused to entertain her appeal for a review.


FIA Issues Inconclusive Response On Christian Horner Accuser’s Alleged Complaint!

Christian Horner
Christian Horner and Mohammed Ben Sulayem in Bahrain. (Image: Getty)

Red Bull CEO and team principal Christian Horner is back in the headlines over a recent sexual misconduct complaint against him. After the team’s internal committee cleared him of any wrongdoings, the female complainant sought a review. The anonymous female employee, who is now suspended, expressed disappointment over the lack of swift action from the racing outfit’s leadership. After she reportedly filed an appeal for a review, the complaint also allegedly reached out to F1’s governing body, FIA. According to BBC Sports, the employee lodged an official grievance complaint against Horner with the FIA, seeking assistance and necessary action. Not only that, it is believed that prior to the accuser’s official complaint, FIA had received two additional complaints in the same matter by a whistleblower.

After the speculations surfaced over the internet, FIA issued a statement to clear the air. FIA explained that grievance matters are received and managed by the Compliance Officer and the Ethics Committee. These bodies work autonomously and guarantee complete confidentiality. Moreover, as far as Christian Horner‘s case is concerned, FIA said they were unable to find a receipt-specific complaint against the Red Bull team principal. On top of that, FIA refused to provide any details on the complaints further that they may receive from the parties in the future. Undoubtedly, FIA’s response was inconclusive, which will only add to the uncertainty that has gripped the case since the start. The lack of clarity on the matter from the drink-based outfit, as well as FIA, has led to a growing sense of resentment in the paddock, and it definitely is sending out the wrong message at large.

Red Bull Suspends Christian Horner Accuser On Full Pay

Red Bull

In another bombshell revelation, Red Bull Racing reportedly suspended the female employee who accused team principal Christian Horner of sexually transgressive behvior. The team cited inconsistencies in evidences submitted by the complaint as the primary reason behind her alleged paid suspension. Notably, the accuser will continue to receive her salary during this indefinite period.

Having said that, the suspension move could backfire on Red Bull as the female complainant has reportedly hired a new lawyer to pursue legal action. She is apparently disappointed with the team’s response to her grievance. If her appeal for a review is not well received, the accuser could likely drag Christian Horner to court, which will further exacerbate the already explosive situation.

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