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Red Bull Racing F1 team has been in limelight for all the wrong reasons this F1 season. Amid an era of never seen before domination, the drink based outfit landed in mega controversy which threatened its existence. Team principal and CEO Christian Horner remains at the heart of this turmoil.

It all began when a female employee accused Christian Horner of inappropriate behavior. An internal investigation set up by Red Bull GmBH cleared the team principal of any wrong doings hours before the F1 season opener in Bahrain. While the matter seemed dusted, a new twist in the tale could further escalate Horner’s woes.


Female Victim To File Appeal Against Christian Horner Enquiry Findings

Christian Horner
Christian Horner’s comments mark the latest escalation of a furious row over Mercedes’ struggles with porpoising CREDIT: REUTERS/Hamad I Mohammed

Christian Horner, CEO and team principal of Red Bull Racing saw his world turn upside down after a female employee accused him of inappropriate behavior earlier this year. The drink company opened up an internal investigation supervised by an external and non-biased barrister. After weeks of evidence review and deposition, the enquire committee issued Horner a clean chit. However, the complaint isn’t satisfied with the findings and has now reportedly decided to file an appeal. Erik van Haren of Telegraaf reported that the female victim had hired a new lawyer who advised her to file an appeal to challenge the verdict of the internal investigation. Not only that, the victim is also seeking legal routes if the drink manufacturer company fails to cooperate.

Interestingly, the female complainant has been reportedly suspended by Red Bull. She continues to remain on paid administration leave whilst Christian Horner conducts business as usual in Milton Keynes. Not only that, a friend of the victim allegedly spoke to Daily Mail to claim how the complainant is disappointed with the team’s lack of support. The friend claimed the victim was in a deep state of shock and wanted justice. Needless to say, Christian Horner will not be left off the hook anytime soon. The situation has only escalated ever since the investigation concluded at Milton Keynes. On top of that, the internal power struggle that cracked wide open soon after the events against Horner has threatened the team’s existence in F1. While the Bulls show a united front at race weekends, the boiling tensions behind the curtains were exposed a long while ago.

Will Red Bull Team Principal Be Dragged To The Court Of Law?

Christian Horner with wife

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner should brace for increased troubles as the female accuser has decided to file an appeal against the investigation that cleared him of any wrongdoings. Notably, the victim has hired a new lawyer. In case the drink-based outfit once again rules the decision in Horner’s favor, the female employee could seek a legal route.

Now, Christian Horner’s case won’t hold true in the court of law as the female accuser has a 100 page evidences of alleged inappropriate behavoir. Additionally, Horner enjoyed Thai majority’s backing during this whole saga. But in the court of law, its Horner against the evidences which appear to be against his favor.

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