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Lewis Hamilton Fred Vasseur Ferrari Source: Sky Sports F1

With Lewis Hamilton in the fold, Ferrari has the most formidable and lethal driver lineup for the 2025 F1 season. Fred Vasseur finally took some action on his mindset of guiding Ferrari back to glory. And Hamilton’s signing is a first step in the right direction. So, what’s next in line for Vasseur?

Fred Vasseur, without a doubt, won’t stop at Lewis Hamilton alone. His ultimate goal will require him to poach several big names from rival teams before the 2026 regulation changes are enforced. Having said that, since Mercedes’ engineers are out of reach due to Lewis’ no-poaching clause, Fred has an opportunity to pull off a masterstroke by destabilizing the reigning F1 champions.


Red Bull Key Engineer, Pierre Wache Next In Fred Vasseur’s Radar!

Red Bull
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Ferrari produced the biggest shake-ups in the history of Formula 1 by signing seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 F1 season. The red team managed to tear down the British driver’s 11-year loyal relationship with Mercedes to set up a formidable driver’s lineup for 2025. Having said that, Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur has been in motorsports long enough to understand that poaching Lewis Hamilton alone won’t do the job. He needs technical engineers to build a competitive car. However, turning to Mercedes is complicated as Hamilton has signed a no-poaching clause. So the immediate next option is reigning World Champions Red Bull Racing. Moreover, the timing is perfect for Vasseur.

Red Bull Racing is under a momentary crisis due to an ongoing cross-border behavior investigation against team principal Christian Horner. The outcome of the inquiry can cause a major shake-up within the drink-based company. Thus, Red Bull engineers, including Pierre Wache, are keeping their options open. It is largely believed that Wache oversees Red Bull’s car development program back in Milton Keynes, whereas Adrian Newey merely suggests a couple of inputs. Thus, the real brain is of Wache. And that’s exactly what Fred wants. As per rumors, Pierre Wache has discussed salary expectations with Ferrari. And he is waiting for the Horner investigation to conclude to make a final decision. Wache would be a significant addition to Ferrari ahead of 2026 regulation changes. Having the 49-year-old on a long-term contract would change the face of the iconic red team.

Fernando Alonso Takes Sly Dig At Lewis Hamilton Amid Ferrari Switch

Lewis Hamilton
Fernando Alonso has weighed in on Lewis Hamilton (Image: Getty)

Lewis Hamilton’s abrupt switch to Ferrari caught everyone on the grid by surprise. The British driver kept his every move under wraps and dropped a bombshell on February 1. Having said that, Hamilton’s former McLaren teammate and the oldest active driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso, took the opportunity to hit back at his rival.

In the latest interview, Alonso said that Lewis Hamilton’s childhood dream of driving for Ferrari didn’t exist 12 or even 3 months ago when he committed to Mercedes. Something fell out behind the scenes, which indicates that Lewis Hamilton changed his mind overnight. The Spaniard refuses to buy Hamilton’s childhood Ferrari dream as he senses a different story brewing altogether.

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