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The New York Yankees, 27-time World Series champions, are accustomed to success. The franchise has witnessed glory during the George Steinbrenner leadership era. However, in these past decade, the team has fallen off the bandwagon and repeated failures left to a sense of resentment amongst the fans.

Besides the 2023 season failure, the New York Yankees were outclassed by the Houston Astros in the 2022 season ALCS series. Needless to say, the fans were outraged as the team lost a big opportunity to end the 10+ years-long championship drought. However, amidst the criticism, general manager Brian Cashman faced the music and jumped into the team’s defense.


Brian Cashman Once Backed Aaron Judge Despite Yankees’ 2022 Postseason Failure

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The New York Yankees botched up its best chance to put an end to the long-withstanding World Series championship drought in 2022. After a stellar regular season where captain Aaron Judge shattered an all-time high home run record, the franchise faced Houston Astros in the ALCS series. However, Judge’s bat stayed calm, and as a result, the Yanks suffered a brutal defeat. Naturally, the Yankee fanbase came out all guns blazing against the team on the internet after an appalling lackluster. The outrage was majorly against Aaron Judge as the slugger failed to carry forward his dream form into the postseason. However, regardless of the shrewd criticism, Bronx Bombers general manager Brian Cashman jumped to the team’s defense and stood by Judge like a rock.

As per Bryan Hoch’s ’62: Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees, and the Pursuit of Greatness’ book, Brian Cashman said Aaron Judge does not become a bad player overnight just because of postseason failure. He hit back at fans for failing to understand the uncertainty of postseason contests. The GM reaffirmed that Yanks finished as the second-best team in the AL and one of the best teams in baseball, which is a matter of great pride for Cashman. “We’re proud of that. It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Brian Cashman said. Furthermore, the GM added that he does not necessarily think that fewer injuries would have produced any different results. But for sure, if the best players had been on the field during the ALCS series, the Bombers could have had a better chance against the mighty Houston Astros.

Aaron Judge Gearing Up For Opening Day Despite Abs Injury Concern!

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

Meanwhile, ahead of the 2024 MLB season opening day, New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge has ramped up preparations despite considerable injury concerns. The slugger witnessed some discomfort in his abs last week and has been asked to shut down hitting activities effectively immediately.

However, with 10 days left for opening day, Aaron Judge resumed hitting on Sunday. He hit off the tee and batted in front of a machine. Not only that, Judge is expected to hit a live BP soon. Notably, the New York Yankees are scheduled to face Houston Astros in the opening series of the 2024 season starting from March 28.

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