Christian Horner Helmut Marko Red Bull
Christian Horner Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: Daily Express

Red Bull seems to be on their way to winning their third consecutive constructor title. Clearly, they have the strongest package. It has been the case since 2022. No team could match the pace of the Austrian team’s car. The designer Adrian Newey puts it as the car has evolved since 2022. And in 2024, it became the third generation of the RB18 evolution. The F1 calendar keeps adding more dates for races, but the hegemony of the Milton Keynes team and Max Verstappen has been unstoppable. The first two races of the 2024 season saw Red Bull have a couple of one-two finishes. Moreover, it was the Dutch racer at the top of the podium on both occasions. It is admirable that Red Bull has managed to maintain its performance and focus on the races; after all, what’s going on outside the track?

A female employee accused the team’s boss, Christian Horner, of misconduct. Moreover, the father of Max Verstappen slammed Horner as he thinks the team will tear itself apart because of the current team principal. Later, Max defended his father, Jos Verstappen, saying, “He’s not a liar.” Moreover, the reigning triple-time champion said his loyalty is totally to Helmut Marko. Lately, Red Bull has been thinking about suspending the 80-year-old advisor amid a leak of confidential files related to Horner’s case. But Horner feels the team will do what’s right irrespective of what Marko or Max says. 


Red Bull Boss Believes The Team Will Always Do What’s Right For Them

Red Bull

A Female employee of Red Bull accused Horner of inappropriate behavior. Later, the Austrian team suspended the accuser. The situation might not be getting any better. It seems Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen are trying to prove that they have a sway in the team’s decision-making. Later, the Red Bull team principal told the media, including RacingNews365, that they have a very good relationship with the Dutch racer. Also, they listen to whatever he has to say. However, Christian Horner claims that the team always makes the right decisions for themselves. It can be about anything from strategies, engine choice, and sponsorship choice to the future.

Horner stated, “The team will do what’s right for them.” About the Red Bull senior advisor, Horner mentioned he has no clue about any decision-making process around Marko. That’s why the Red Bull team principal mentioned is unaware of the source of the rumor. Christian Horner said, “That’s not something I have been involved in.” Moreover, Christian mentioned that everybody in the team had a role to play moving forward, including Helmut Marko. Horner values the stability in the team for it’s tremendous success in recent times. 

The Austrian Team Puts Marko’s Future To Rest

Helmut Marko Red Bull
Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

Max Verstappen was quite clear when he said he wants Helmut to stay with Red Bull as long as he is part of the team. Marko brought Max to the Milton Keynes outfit. Since 2021, what the Dutchman has been able to achieve is part of Red Bull’s golden legacy. That’s why Max always expressed his loyalty to the 80-year-old advisor. However, it was Marko himself who warned the media about his suspension.

But the rumor was put to rest when Marko went to the Saudi Arabian GP along with the managing director of Red Bull GmbH, Oliver Mintzlaff. Later, Christian Horner credited Marko with being the team’s consultant and advisor. Moreover, Horner said, Marko is clearly the head of the team’s young driver programme. 

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