Red Bull Set To Upgrade Their RB18 At The French Grand Prix After Back-To-Back Losses In Silverstone & Austria!

Red Bull Verstappen

The 2022 championship\’s first half has showcased a two-way battle between Red Bull and Ferrari. The two outfits have been the only teams to have won races this season. While Red Bull has won seven races, Ferrari has won four of them. Red Bull currently leads both the championships despite missing out on a win in the last two races in Silverstone and Austria. Thus, Red Bull is looking to get back into winning ways in the next race in France. And for that, they are planning on bringing some upgrades to Paul Ricard.

Ferrari has clinched the last two races. So, Red Bull would hope to head into the summer race on a high with two races coming ahead in France and Hungary. The Scuderia have started to show the pace they had at the start of the season before facing an array of reliability issues and strategical errors. But, with Ferrari coming back to the groove, the Austrian team is looking to enhance their performance in a race to stay ahead. As per Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull is working on an upgrade package and hopes to bring it to Paul Ricard.

Verstappen & Yamamoto

Recently, Honda F1 boss and Red Bull consultant Masashi Yamamoto revealed that Ferrari has looked strong in recent times. However, he believes their power unit is more reliable. Masashi admitted that Leclerc was just faster in Austria. However, the Japanese consultant believed that Verstappen did a great job of finishing second and securing the fastest race lap. As per Yamamoto, Ferrari was strong, but they lost Carlos Sainz\’s car due to a power unit fire. He added, \”I think Honda Racing Corporation(HRC) and Red Bull Powertrains is still better if we look at the overall performance and reliability.\”

Red Bull Hope To Perform Well In France GP

The Honda boss Masashi Yamomoto believes that Paul Ricard would favor Red Bull this time. However, he also warned that Ferrari might end up having the edge in Hungary. Masashi felt France would be more in Red Bull\’s favor, and they should go there with a bang.

Austrian GP 2022

Yamamoto even predicted that Ferrari might win in Hungary as they have more traction at low and medium speeds. However, he hoped that his team would do something to counter the issue. He would want his team to finish the two races before the summer break on a high note. 

Meanwhile, talking about Perez\’s contact with George Russell in Austria, Masashi pointed out that turn four had always been a tricky corner for his team in recent years. The Honda boss was sure that a driver would lose if he chose the outside there. Yamamoto concluded, \”Perez could have waited for another lap and had a good chance in turn three to still strike. To be honest, he ruined it himself.\”

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