Red Bull Reportedly Snatched Mercedes\’ High-End Engineer! Is Ferrari Using An \”Illegal Accelerator\”?

Red Bull

Formula 1 is an extreme sport requiring great levels of precision and expertise. Apart from a combination of a world-class driver and a world championship-winning car, the F1 racing team also requires the best executives to deliver time and again under constant pressure with a clear focus on development. From engineers and mechanics to strategy experts and everyone that is responsible for various things over the racing weekend, every team hires some of the best in business to reduce the chances of any errors.

The reason behind Mercedes\’ domination over the last constructors\’ championships since 2014 was a result of total dedication and the presence of some of the great minds in the motorsport industry. However, the Silver Arrows have reportedly suffered a double blow as two of their top engineering brains have been poached by their rivals Red Bull.

Red bull had been a customer outfit so far in the Formula 1 championship. The Austrian outfit has bought power units from Honda in their cars over the past years. However, Red Bull is planning to manufacture their own powertrains when the new engine regulations come into action in 2026. Thus, keeping their future plans in mind, Red Bull has hired Mercedes experienced executive Phil Prew. The British engineer has been with the Silver Arrows for around six years. Prew also worked for McLaren for 25 years. He helped Hamilton win his first world championship in 2008, acting as his race engineer. Phil is set to take a senior position in Red bull after he joins the outfit.

Hamilton & Phil Prew

Moreover, reported that Red Bull had not made an official announcement regarding Phil Prew\’s start date. However, the Briton would be inclined to take gardening leave, being a senior executive at Mercedes for a long time. After his leave, Phil will most likely start his new role at the Milton Keynes outfit. Further, Red Bull has also hired the mechanical engineering head of the Mercedes high-performance powertrains, Ben Hodgkinson. The British engineer will start a new role as the technical director at Red bull after being with Mercedes for 20 years.

Mercedes Accuses Ferrari Of Using An Illegal Accelerator

Recently, Mercedes suspected that Ferrari might have been using an illegal accelerator during the 2022 championship. The Silver Arrows believe that the accelerator could have been the reason behind Charles Leclerc\’s crash at Paul Ricard. As indicated by Mercedes\’ own software, Ferrari is reportedly running their F1-75 with an illegal pedal. Earlier, the Ferrari driver spoke about an issue with his accelerator in Austria. The pedal was possibly stuck, but the Monegasque kept the issue under control and won the race eventually. 


Two weeks later, in France, Leclerc crashed his car and claimed the incident to be his mistake. However, it led to speculations that the crash might have been due to the failed accelerator. Meanwhile, Mercedes believe that the illegal pedal might have been the reason behind Charles\’ crash. They might consider going to the FIA after their software suggested the possibility of their rivals using an illegal accelerator.

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