Christian Horner
Formula One F1 – Mexico City Grand Prix – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City, Mexico – October 28, 2022 Red Bull team principal Christian Horner during a press conference REUTERS/Edgard Garrido

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner was accused of transgressive behavior towards a female employee earlier this year. And after a formal complaint, the company GmBH had to order an internal investigation supervised by an external and non-biased barrister. What followed later took the F1 world by storm.

While Christian Horner was cleared of any wrongdoings in the internal investigation, an alleged leak of evidence followed by the suspension of the accuser put Red Bull at the center of criticism. Moreover, in the latest development, the team is set to order a second round of investigation into the matter in the aftermath of a review appeal.


Christian Horner Accuser Called By Red Bull For Questioning Again!

Christian Horner, Red Bull

If the latest development holds ground, Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner’s trouble could increase in the coming weeks. After the internal investigation committee acquitted Horner, the accuser was suspended on full pay, citing inconsistencies in her side of the story. However, the female employee was left deeply hurt by the racing team’s strong stand against her and chose to retaliate. She apparently changed her team of lawyers and accordingly filed an appeal for review. That being said, The Mirror is now reporting that the victim’s appeal has been upheld, and a new investigation committee has been chaired to look into the allegations all over again. Not only that, the accuser will also undergo a second round of deposition in due time.

Having said that, it still remains unclear if the team principal and the main accused in the case, Christian Horner, will be called again for questioning. He has moved on from the scrutiny and is carrying business as usual as the successful racing outfit’s team principal. However, the sensitive matter won’t leave his back anytime soon. The victim reportedly feels cheated by Red Bull, citing mishandling of her grievance. Moreover, she was also allegedly forced to sign a confidentiality contract which prevents her from sharing the details of the investigation with anyone beyond her immediate family. Overall, with the Chinese Grand Prix around the corner, the fresh details of the investigation have once again made headlines. It has already tarnished the team’s image to an extent. And with Horner continuing his work as usual, the criticism won’t die down anytime soon.

Christian Horner Hurt As Family Gets Caught In The Mess!

Christian Horner with wife

Since Christian Horner’s sexual misconduct case made headlines, the scrutiny over his personal life has intensified. With trolls targetting his wife and children, Horner broke his silence to condemn the outrageous behavior. In a media interview, the team principal called for the end of the media trial as his innocent family did not deserve the ill-treatment.

Christian Horner also added that a grievance was raised and Red Bull handled it in the most professional way possible. The investigation is now closed and hence there’s no need for anymore questions to be raised related to the subject, pleaded Horner. However, with the case getting reopened, Horner’s troubled are unlikely to die down anytime soon.

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