Juan Soto, Yankees
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Generational star Juan Soto has been a part of the New York Yankees lineup that went for 12-4 in the first few weeks of the 2024 MLB season. He has had his moments of hits and misses. But the fans love him and his stature in the league. However, some critics are not pleased with his approach to the plate.

Juan Soto has smoked three home runs this year in 16 games so far. He has walked more often than he’s tried to go for a hit or a home run. That approach of going for walks and securing bases is what didn’t sit well with WFAN radio critics as he called out Soto’s regressive mindset.


Sal Licata Urge Juan Soto To Fire On The Plate For The Sake Of Free Agency!

Juan Soto, Yankees
Juan Soto reacts after striking out during the eighth inning of the Yankees game against the Blue Jays during their home opener Friday.DUSTIN SATLOFF/GETTY

Juan Soto smoked a three-run homer in New York Yankees 8-2 win over Cleveland Guardians to bring up his third long hit of the season. However, Soto stirred a debate with his strange comments after the match. The generational star, widely referred to as the best hitter in the league, stated that his mindset is to get more walks this year. Soto explained that baseball is a team sport, and he does not want to be the hero every day. Therefore, his goal for this year with the Yanks is to secure as many walks as possible and bring Aaron Judge up to do his thing. However, Soto’s passive mindset irked WFAN critic Sal Licata.

He argued that Juan Soto is a generational star who is getting paid handsome money to hit and run and not walk. While he says his job is to set a platform for Aaron Judge, he is completely mistaken. “Dude, his job is not to walk. What are we talking about?” questioned Licata. Not only that, the critic explained that with free agency looming, Soto must show teams why he deserves a $500-600 million contract, and getting walks isn’t going to help that cause. Licata argued further that Soto has to prove his status as the best hitter in the league to up his stakes in free agency. And that can only be done by stacking up some home run and clutch performances on the plate. “I want him to be the guy, not a guy who says his job is to get on for Aaron Judge,” said Licata.

Hall Of Famer Ex-Yankee Reveals Key To Soto’s Success In Bronx!

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Juan Soto was awarded the Player of the Week after just one series in the American League with the New York Yankees. Meanwhile, former Yankee outfielder and Hall of Famer Dave Winfield opined that Soto’s key to success in the Bronx had been the absence of burden.

Winfield explained that with the Yankees, Juan Soto isn’t the sole provider in the offense. He’s surrounded by a group of qualified and dangerous hitters who can share the responsibility and also cover for him in case Soto witnesses a slump or has a bad day. “He’ll have a good year, and I think he’ll be smiling at the end,” said Winfield.

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