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Christian Horner’s troubles in the aftermath of an inappropriate behavior investigation launched by Red Bull have refused the die down. After the internal committee dismissed the allegation of misconduct with a female employee, a dossier containing alleged evidence of the grievance spread across the F1 community.

However, amidst the growing uncertainty, Red Bull has maintained that Christian Horner is innocent. However, the contrasting reports and speculations surrounding the case have only added to the fan’s confusion as they seek more clarity from the drink-based outfit. Meanwhile, fed up with the scrutiny, Horner pleaded to stop the attack on his family, who was getting unnecessarily dragged into the dirty mess.


Christian Horner Condemns Scrutiny On Family After Red Bull Probe

Christian Horner
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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is currently making headlines for all the wrong reasons. His involvement in the misconduct probe has diverted F1 fans’ attention from actual racing. While the Brit is cleared of any wrongdoings, the team’s lack of clarity on the situation has left fans fuming. Moreover, recent reports of the complainant being suspended by the Bulls have further added spice to the stir. Amid all this, Horner regrets scrutiny on his family. During the team principal press conference in Saudi Arabia, Horner said his family, wife, and children have been extremely supportive in this situation. However, it pains Horner to see his children being dragged into the dirty mess.

Intrusion in his marriage and personal life, in general, is something Horner cannot take anymore. “It’s very challenging. Because when there are children involved, when there are families, parents, etcetera involved, it’s not pretty,” said Horner. The team principal further added that Red Bull duly conducted the investigation in a professional manner. The grievance raised was rightly resolved, and thus, it is time for people to stop talking about it and move on. “The intrusion on my family is now enough, and we need to move forward and focus on what we’re here for,” added Christian Horner. That being said, the troubles are only going to increase for the Brits from here. The suspended complainant could seek a legal route as she is reportedly not satisfied with the findings of the internal investigation. While Horner enjoyed Thai leadership’s backing in the internal probe, his case won’t hold strong in a court of law.

Christian Horner Confident Of Verstappen Adhering To His Contract Amid Mercedes Rumors

Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull
Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull Source:

In the aftermath of turmoil inside the Red Bull Racing camp, rumors suggested that Max Verstappen could jump ships to Mercedes to replace Lewis Hamilton from the 2025 season. However, team principal Christian Horner refused to buy it. At a recent press meet, Horner confirmed Max would stay with the Bulls until his contract expires in 2028.

Horner explained his case, saying Max Verstappen went from rags to riches with Red Bull. He has a great team around him, and his faith in the racing outfit is unwavering. “From Max’s side, we are determined to build on the success that we’ve achieved already,” added Christian Horner.

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