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“He Is Not A Liar,” Max Verstappen Breaks Silence On Father Jos’ Public Criticism Vs Christian Horner

The 2024 Formula 1 season has kicked off with lots of drama, and one of the big stories is about Red Bull Racing. Max Verstappen’s dad, Jos Verstappen, spoke out against Christian Horner, the team boss. Max finally talked about it, saying his dad is honest but he prefers to focus on racing. The trouble started with Horner’s claims of bad behavior, but Red Bull said he did nothing wrong. Then, leaked evidence made things messy. Tensions got worse during the Bahrain Grand Prix, and Jos Verstappen’s words added fuel to the fire, making fans wonder what’s next for Red Bull.

Max Verstappen Breaks His Silence

In the midst of this whirlwind, Max Verstappen has finally spoken out regarding his father’s public criticism of Christian Horner. After a tumultuous start to the season marred by allegations of misconduct against Horner, Jos Verstappen didn’t mince his words, demanding Horner’s resignation and sparking a storm of speculation within the paddock.


In response to inquiries about his father’s outspoken comments, Max Verstappen chose his words carefully but remained steadfast in his support for Jos. Affirming their close bond, Max asserted, “He is not a liar, that’s for sure,” a testament to the honesty and integrity he associates with his father.

Red Bull

The controversy erupted when reports surfaced of an internal investigation within the Red Bull team regarding Christian Horner’s alleged misconduct towards a team member. Although the official statement from Red Bull exonerated Horner, leaked evidence soon emerged, casting doubt on the thoroughness of the internal inquiry and perpetuating the controversy.

As the drama unfolded against the backdrop of the Bahrain Grand Prix, emotions ran high both on and off the track. Despite Max Verstappen’s stellar performance, his commanding victory was overshadowed by his father’s vocal criticisms, amplifying the scrutiny of Red Bull Racing’s internal dynamics.

Jos Verstappen’s Call for Change

Jos Verstappen’s concerns extended beyond his initial remarks, as he reiterated the detrimental impact of the ongoing turmoil within Red Bull Racing to various media outlets. Reports of a heated confrontation between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner further fueled speculation about the depth of discord within the team, raising questions about its ability to maintain focus amid the distractions.

Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen
F1/Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen

With Jos Verstappen opting to stay away from the upcoming race weekend, there is a glimmer of hope that tensions within the team may begin to ease. However, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on Max Verstappen as he steels himself for the challenges ahead, determined to secure his second victory of the season and reaffirm his championship ambitions.

In conclusion, the ongoing saga surrounding Red Bull Racing continues to grip the F1 community, injecting an extra dose of intrigue into an already thrilling season. As the championship battle intensifies, the resilience and resolve of Max Verstappen and his team will be put to the test, both on and off the track, as they strive to overcome adversity and emerge victorious in the ultimate pursuit of glory.