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“I’m Far Closer To The End,” Draymond Green To Salvage Legacy As Career Winds Down

In the history of the Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green is a big name. He helped the team win championships but also got into trouble for his behavior on the court. From fights with other players to arguments with referees, his actions have caused a lot of talk. Now, as he gets older, he’s thinking about what kind of legacy he wants to leave. In a recent interview, he talked about this and how he’s trying to change. He’s even going to therapy to work on his anger. It’s a journey of self-discovery and redemption for the basketball star.

Draymond’s Legacy Under Fire

In recent years, Draymond Green’s impact on the court has been overshadowed by his inability to control his emotions. Incidents like punching Jordan Poole, choking Rudy Gobert, and slapping Jusuf Nurkic have marred his reputation. The defensive stalwart’s character has come under scrutiny, leaving fans questioning if his on-court behavior will tarnish his legacy.


In a recent interview with The Ringer, Draymond Green, who celebrated his 34th birthday on Monday, shared candid thoughts about the twilight of his career. Acknowledging that he is “far closer to the end than the beginning,” Green raises questions about the trajectory of his legacy. He contemplates whether the end should mirror the turbulence of recent years or harken back to the glory days.

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Green’s introspection delves into the importance of leaving the game on his terms, emphasizing the desire to avoid being remembered as someone who couldn’t control himself or finish the job. The interview reflects a raw and unfiltered Draymond, grappling with the dichotomy between doing it his way and doing it the right way.

Amidst the controversies, Draymond Green recognizes the need for personal growth. He is unapologetic about seeking therapy to address his temper problems, both on and off the hardwood. The veteran acknowledges that bettering himself is an ongoing process, transcending the confines of basketball.

Therapy and Transformation

Delving into his therapeutic journey, Green highlights its role in shaping him as an individual. He refuses to discontinue therapy, emphasizing its pivotal role in self-improvement. The discussion unveils a side of Draymond that extends beyond the basketball court, showcasing a commitment to personal development that goes hand in hand with his professional pursuits.

While Draymond Green may be known as a hothead, his commitment to self-improvement is evident. The article explores the dichotomy between his on-court persona and his relentless efforts to evolve as a human being. Green’s determination to keep his emotions in check becomes a compelling narrative, blending the personal and professional aspects of his life.

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With a record of 14-7 since his return from the latest suspension, Draymond Green’s on-court impact cannot be overlooked. The Golden State Warriors have found success with him back in the lineup, emphasizing the delicate balance between his fiery nature and his ability to contribute to the team’s victories.

As Draymond Green continues to navigate the latter stages of his illustrious career, the journey becomes as crucial as the destination. The narrative unfolds not just on the court but in the corridors of personal growth. Whether the legacy of this Warriors’ stalwart will be remembered for the controversies or for a graceful exit remains uncertain, but the commitment to improvement adds a new dimension to the Draymond Green narrative.