Red Bull Boss Marko Helmut Targets Lewis Hamilton After His Disastrous Run At Emilia Romagna GP!

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Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes had another frustrating run at Imola on Sunday. The British driver finished the race in the 13th position earning no points at all during the GP. Meanwhile, Red Bull chief Marko Helmut feels that Hamilton might be wondering why he did not retire after a controversial season in 2021. Moreover, Max Verstappen beat the 37-year-old last year after one of the fiercest battles in F1\’s history. Verstappen won the race in Imola, which helped him get closer to current F1 standings leader Charles Leclerc. Mercedes struggled throughout the season\’s early stages with another disappointment in Italy on Sunday. 

With this, Hamilton dropped to the seventh spot in the rankings as he found himself trailing Leclerc by 58 points. After Hamilton had to deal with one of the most disappointing outcomes of his championship career, Marko Helmut believes that Hamilton may be regretting his decision to continue in the F1 circuit. Helmut told Sky Sports that Hamilton might be thinking he should have stopped racing after the last year\’s championship. Marko added, \”I mean, he was lapped by us.\”

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Lewis Hamilton Feels His Chances Of Winning The 2022 Championship Are Over

Hamilton is aware of his struggles this season. The Briton feels that his hopes of winning the title are over after a disastrous outcome in Imola. Lewis revealed that his team needs to forget the Imola weekend and move on to work harder in future races. The former world champ said that there is no doubt that he is out of the championship title race. However, the Mercedes driver aspires to keep working harder and try to somehow pull things back together for his team. 

Meanwhile, Mercedes\’ team principal, Toto Wolff, was heard on the team radio apologizing to Lewis Hamilton during the final stages of the race. Wolff asked Lewis\’ forgiveness for what he had to drive during the race. Mercedes\’ W13 is still struggling with the porpoising issue, resulting in a loss of performance. Drivers are finding it hard to gain control over the W13, especially Hamilton. Meanwhile, George Russell put another strong performance by finishing fourth in the race. Furthermore, Wolff said that he was aware that their car was un-drivable and not what the drivers and the team deserved. Hamilton replied to Wolff\’s message saying, \”Yeah, no worries, Toto. Just keep on working hard.\”

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Hamilton Rejects Rumors About Wanting To Be A Part Of Another Team

The two-time world champ Mika Hakkinen believes that Lewis might wish he would have been a part of a different team, given the troubles at Mercedes. However, Hamilton blew away the rumors as nonsense. Moreover, Mika won the championship in 1998 and 1998. He shared with Unibet that it will be a difficult season for Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. Mika added, \”Now start the natural thought process of drivers. Should I go somewhere else? It\’s a fact.\”


Meanwhile, the British racer reaffirmed that there is nowhere else he would want to be just because his team is going through a rough patch. Lewis feels that Mercedes can fix the outstanding issues during a painful year. And he plans on going through the tough times together with his team. The Briton added, \”It is not in my DNA to back out.\”

Hopefully, Mercedes will find a fix to their porpoising issue before mid-season and make a comeback into the championship battle in 2022.

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