Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley-Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers point guard, Patrick Beverley, is rumored to rejoin Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2022 postseason.

LA Lakers are back from the dead and sense a playoff berth after five consecutive wins. After a rocky start, the club is back on its feet. However, they need a few additions to their existing lineup to attain the playoff goal. Further, LeBron James is leading the lineup while being the highest point scorer for the Lakers. But the absence of Anthony Davis at the other end is hurting the club big time. Hence, the upcoming trade season becomes crucial for the Lakers, who are desperately looking to turn things around in their favor.


Meanwhile, as the postseason approaches, trade rumors have again picked up the pace. According to a few media reports, Lakers point guard, Patrick Beverley, wants to move back to his former team Minnesota Timberwolves. As a matter of fact, the point guard is having an average season with the Lakers. Hence, the trade is very likely to move forward. However, the trade-off won’t be a smooth ride for either party.

Patrick Beverley Wants To Move Away From the LA Lakers

Patrick Beverley
Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is once again caught in the recent trade rumors. Patrick joined the Lakers this season after a trade-off with Minnesota Timberwolves. Moreover, Patrick played as one of Minnesota’s leading ball players in the 2021 season. Hence, as a promotion, he moved to the Lakers in 2022. However, his association with the Lakers has not been one of the smoothest rides. Partick got overshadowed under the big guns like LeBron James and Dennis Schroder. As a result, the point guard is looking to switch.

According to Bleacher Reports, a host of the “Please Don’t Aggregate This” podcast revealed that Patrick Beverley wants to move back to Minnesota Timberwolves as he is not happy with the Lakers. Understandable, as his performance with his current team is not something that he is enjoying. Moreover, the Lakers are looking for a change as well. Hence, the trade seems to be very likely to go ahead. However, certain NBA regulations will come into play that could possibly restrict the trade.

NBA Regulations Might Restrict Partick Beverley’s Trade To Minnesota

Patrick Beverley Lakers

Meanwhile, if at all both parties agrees to a trade-off, the NBA rules will not allow them to do that directly. Under NBA rules, Minnesota cannot trade, sell and buy Patrick Beverley in a single season. Hence, for Patrick to move back to Minnesota, he has to opt out of the Lakers contract and enter the free-agent market. However, rumors also surfaced that the Lakers could trade Beverley to Detroit Pistons, who are looking to rebuild their roaster. Under such circumstances, Patrick will surely enter the free agent market.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, they will be happy to let Patrick Beverly go, as he has underperformed for them this season. Moreover, due to uncertainty over Anthony Davis’s return, the team wants to acquire a strong center forward. The time is now, and they need to have a good, if not better, offseason. FYI, LA Lakers are holding the 12th position in the Western Conference table despite five consecutive wins.

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