Aaron Judge- Aaron Hicks
Aaron Judge- Aaron Hicks

The New York Yankees have accomplished many of their objectives for the off-season thus far. They have re-signed outfielder Aaron Judge, who is considered an important part of the team and is likely to end his career with the Yankees. Additionally, they’ve added pitcher Carlos Rodon to their starting rotation, which helps address a need for a starting pitcher. They have also signed reliever Tommy Kahnle, which should improve their bullpen. Overall, it’s been a productive off-season for the Yankees.

It looks like the Bronx Zoo is fully prepared to take on the season, except for a left fielder who will complete the Bombers. The Yankees are known for getting the best players from the market. However, if the player is unavailable, the team will have to fill the spot with whatever they have. According to sources, the outfielder, the Yankees, were looking for is bound with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Although Bryan Reynolds has asked his team to leave, the Pirates are unwilling to let him go. Many Bronx players admire the way Reynolds plays. However, as of now, the move to the Yankees looks far from possible.


New York Yankees Wish For Reynolds But Stuck With Aron Hicks

The Bombers have faced a significant challenge during this off-season, not having a player to fill the left field position. Michael Conforto is the last remaining top player in the market signed with the Giants. The Yankees’ current plan is to continue using Aaron Hicks in the left field position.

The issue with using Aaron Hicks as the left-fielder is that he has not performed well in recent seasons. Hicks has been affected by injuries, which has led to a decline in his power and speed. His statistics since the start of the 2021 season show an on-base plus slugging (OPS+) of 83, 12 home runs, and 12 doubles in 579 appearances at the plate. These statistics are not up to the standards that the Yankees need to reach the finals. Meanwhile, they have problems in other positions, such as shortstop, third base, and catcher positions.

Aron Hicks Expected To Open For Yankees

The Yankees have invested over $500 million in signing Aaron Judge, Carlos Rodon, Anthony Rizzo, and Tommy Kahnle this off-season. Despite this heavy spending, the team still lacks a definite player for the left field position. According to Bob Klapisch of NJ.com, it looks as though Aaron Hicks is expected to fill that role at the start of the season. However, it is currently uncertain if this will be a long-term solution for the team.

Oswaldo Cabrera can play left field, so Aron Hicks has strong competition for the position. Meanwhile, both of them have been called for training at the big league Spring Training. For once, the Yankees can make a player of their own.

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