Djokovic US Open

The 2022 tennis season is headed towards its American leg with a number of scheduled ATP tournaments and the fourth major of the year, the US Open. However, the looming concerns about Novak Djokovic\’s participation at the US Open still continue. The Serb has recently withdrawn from the Canadian Open in Montreal as he would not be allowed to enter the country due to his vaccination. Nole has chosen to stay unvaccinated after his controversial Australian Open exit and deportation from the country. It has been a tough year for the 35-year-old as he still hopes to equalize Rafael Nadal\’s 22 Grand Slam record in New York later in August.

Many people in and outside the tennis world have spoken about the matter. Djokovic will not be allowed to play at the US Open as the vaccination mandate in the US is still in place. Fans have spoken openly about Nole\’s exclusion and also launched a petition to highlight the matter. However, the US Open management or the government has not responded to the issue regarding Nole\’s participation.


Meanwhile, the Serb shared some images of his practice for the US Open. He was also spotted opting for an unusual routine by pushing a car. The Serb also thanked all his supporters on social media, who took a stand for him. However, Djokovic is headed towards an official exclusion, with the tournament starting on August 29.

Seth Dillon & Ishner In Support Of Djokovic

Recently, Bayblon\’s CEO Seth Dillon shared a Tweet urging the active tennis players to speak up about Djokovic\’s inclusion at the US Open. He wrote, \”Are they afraid of backlash? They have more influence than the rest of the tennis community put together and it\’s shameful not to use it.\” Seth openly questioned the tennis players who had remained silent about the matter. In fact, it would be the second time in 2022 that Nole will miss a shot at a Grand Slam despite being healthy. He will miss out on an opportunity of winning his 22nd title this year after his victory in Wimbledon earlier.

Moreover, former American player John Isner replied to Seth\’s tweet. Isner thought that Djokovic\’s ban was complete madness. He reckoned that it was absurd that the Serb could not compete at the US Open. Hopefully, things might turn around for Nole before the tournament starts. He has already lost his world no. 1 title due to a series of controversies this year.

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