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The New York Yankees and Aaron Judge kicked off the season at a historic pace. The Bombers had a dominating American League-leading record and were on pace to record. They are looking to break the 1998 franchise record of 114 wins and the MBL record of 116 set by the Mariners. However, the Pinstripers have recently stumbled, and their impressive AL League record has gone down to 71-41. 

Although, the Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge showed some early MVP contention form. He was on course to break Roger Maris\’ 61 home runs record in the Yankees and AL history. However, the Yankees and Judge have clearly struggled badly in the last month. This includes a whole week\’s terrible play, making the record win milestone completely unrealistic now. Judge has hit 45 home runs before Friday\’s game one against Red Sox at Fenway Park. However, the four-time MLB All-Star suggested that he was still not focused on his own stats this season. 


The 30-year-old insisted he was not thinking about his numbers at all and wasn\’t even close to breaking the record. However, Aaron is still on a pace to hit 65 homers this season with a little less than two months left.


Despite their recent string of losses, Judge told that playing important games helps. He suggested that the Yankees have got a big lead and would like to maintain it to get home advantage in the playoff. Hence, Aaron told that his team had games to win, and he was not worried about stats. However, one stat that Judge would really be interested in is the team\’s place in the standings.

Aaron Judge Hopes For The Yankees Tough Form To Change

The Yankees are now half a game behind the Astros for the best AL record after Houston beat Texas by 7-3 on Thursday. However, the Yankees are still in a comfortable place with ten game lead over Toronto. Unfortunately, the lead has depreciated from 15 1/2 in early July, the last time the Yankees were in Boston. And since then, the Bombers have seen a serious dip in form. They lost the last two games at Fenway Park and conceding 10-18, with seven losses in the last eight games.


Talking about leading the division, Judge told that it was not an easy feat. The team has got to do a lot of work to get the job done, and Aaron is a part of it. The three-time Siver Slugger insisted that every team goes through a tough phase like this at times. Judge added, \”We\’ll come out on the other side and be better for it. It is good it happened now in August and not in September going into the postseason.\”

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