New York Yankees Looking To Unload Aaron Hicks! How Can They Do It?

Aaron Hicks

The New York Yankees came into this offseason with a pretty big shopping list. And it would be fair to say that they have ticked various names off their list up until now. However, the road to rebuilding the squad that the Yankees are on isn\’t only about signing new players. It also requires letting go of some players. And the two names that the Yankees are looking to part ways with are Josh Donaldson and Aaron Hicks. However, the team is facing trouble finding takers to unload them off the squad. 

How Can The Yankees Get Rid Of Aaron Hicks?

Even if they signed, starting Carlos Rodón as a free agency and kept Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo, New York is still trying to get rid of these veterans\’ contracts and find a buyer for them. Josh Donaldson and Aaron Hicks are players the Yankees hope to trade this offseason. However, they won\’t be able to sell those useless parts unless they locate a trading partner. According to rumors from the NY Post, the Yankees have had difficulty finding a team that is interested in either Donaldson or Hicks.

Aaron Judge

The article claims that the Yankees have acquired neither Josh Donaldson nor Aaron Hicks. Although Donaldson excelled at third base, there are doubts about his renowned bat speed. Carlos Correa was unable to work for them due, among other things, to Donaldson\’s presence and compensation.

Aaron Hicks, a veteran with three more years of control, will make over $10 million in salary the next season. Hicks continued to play during the 2022 regular season, showing up in 130 games, which is almost equal to his career best. However, he had trouble on both sides of the ball. Hicks struggled through many Joey Gallo-like slumps, slashing .216/.330/.313 with eight home runs and ten stolen bases. Even though Hicks is an experienced player, at 33, he can excel in a different setting as a depth player.

Aaron Judge

The Yankees appear to be attempting to replicate what the Padres accomplished with Eric Hosmer. Many believe that Yankees manager Brian Cashman intends to use a similar approach to Hicks. The ideal situation would be to pay nearly all of Aaron Hicks\’ contract, move him somewhere else in a trade involving minor leaguers, and receive at least something in exchange. Especially in the pitching department, this club has had a lot of success spotting gems in the rough, especially if they can land a pitcher who shows some potential. However, it would be quite fascinating to hear from someone who has failed to reach his full potential.

The Yankees recently had their 13th annual Winter Wonderland celebration, and Aaron Boone, the team manager, made a surprise appearance. Numerous activities and decorations with a Christmas theme were part of the celebration, which was held in the Great Hall of Yankee Stadium near the first base.

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