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New York Yankees In Danger! A Need To CHANGE Players To Stay In The Season

As of late, the New York Baseball team is not doing great in terms of moving them from the last place in the American League East list. On an average basis, the team is losing two of three games against the Rays. Sadly, they are behind the Tampa Bay Rays by ten games! Meanwhile, speaking of the very few chances that the Bronx Bombers still have to win the CHAMPIONSHIP this year, you can remember how the Atlanta Braves clinched the title with an initial failure in 10 games. But for that, the Yankees will need to do the same thing the Braves did. Addressing the situation, an anonymous MLB scout thinks that with the lineup consisting of old players, the Yankees are in trouble. And if manager Aaron Boone is panicking, he should be.

Last year, the Atlanta Braves did everything they could to secure the lead after constant initial failure! Now the question is, are the Yankees doing everything they can? NO! However, there are still 130 games in hand, which can still change the predictable winner. The return of the injured major players might let the Yankees outperform the Rays. But is there anyone who can say it for sure?

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The Bronx Bombers Could Not Find Themselves Doing Any Better

The anonymous MLB scout explains how the Yankees may suffer from the tough competition given by Tampa Bay Rays along with the OTHER clubs. Not only the Rays but the Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox, and Baltimore Orioles are doing great, greater than the Bronx Bombers. However, the only thing that the Yankees can do at present is to change their ROSTER.

The scout went to speak with NJ.com’s Randy Miller, where he suggested that the big bad Yankees aren’t a threat to anyone anymore. And whom to be afraid of? DJ MeMahieu. Anthony Rizzo? Or Josh Donaldson? Who is getting older each day? Plus, players like Giancarlo Stanton, “Who plays like old”? No one is afraid of them!

The Old Yankees Are The Main Reason Why The Team Is In Danger

No doubt, the Yankees are losing fans. They can’t save themselves from criticism blaming the injuries and speaking about the history. Fans asked just one thing before the season began, don’t put the olds into the lineups, but the Yankees didn’t listen. Giancarlo Stanton is almost unhealthy in each game. He is unable to run the same strong. “He is still pulling a hamstring,” the scout said.

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Brian Cashman, Yankees manager

Meanwhile, there is advice for general manager Brian Cashman from the Anonymous MLB Scout. Cashman should make some deals. But the problem is, no team is willing to trade with New York anymore. The team is in need of a left fielder, but sadly the Yankees have nothing to offer in terms of getting a good one.

Cashman holds a farm style that does not work anymore. He did a good job trading in Carlos Rodon. But now that he is injured, what do the Yankees have? The concern with Rodon does not end here. What if he comes back and still cannot meet the standards for which the Yankees bought him in the first place? They are in danger, is all that can be concluded from the above. The Yankees should be panicking, yes.