Lewis Hamilton shared a fierce rivalry for the 2021 championship battle, which ended in one of the most controversial ways. The late safety car and the surprising decision from the former racing director Michael Masi gave way to a lot of drama and criticism. The Red Bull driver won his maiden F1 title after getting past the seven-time world champ during the final lap in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, Netflix is currently running the fourth season of the F1 docuseries Driver To Survive. The series is based on the real-life drama in the background of the racing grid. It has received widespread attention from audiences worldwide, especially in the US. However, the show has landed another controversy as Netflix has been accused of using Lewis Hamilton’s footage from the 2021 Qatar GP while depicting the Brazilian GP.

The 2021 Brazilian GP weekend unfolded a lot of drama as the two drivers headed to Sao Paulo with the Dutchman leading the championship. The weekend also held the third and final sprint race of the year after Silverstone and Monza. Hamilton was on top since the start of the weekend and secured the pole position during qualifying on Friday. However, Red Bull suspected an issue with the rear wing of Lewis’ car. 

Netflix Accused Of Creating Fake On-Screen Drama

The Austrian outfit believed that the Briton’s DRS flap deflected more than the regulatory amount. Verstappen also went to check Lewis’ car and was fined for touching it. However, Red Bull’s protest led to an investigation from the FIA, ultimately removing Hamilton from the pole. The Briton started at the back of the grid during the Saturday Sprint and made a miraculous comeback to P5. 

However, Lewis and Verstappen eventually made contact at Turn 4, as both drivers took a trip to the gravel. Moreover, no actions were taken against any of them. Fortunately, Hamilton stayed in the race and went on to take the chequered flag in front of the huge Sao Paulo crowd. However, Red Bull continued to push Mercedes’ rear wing design during the Qatar GP. They insisted the FIA to bring in a new test. While the load test was not mandatory, it ensured that no wing was flexing beyond the regulated limit. Later, Hamilton was told about the test in front of the Netflix cameras. He rendered the new wing test as ‘b*******.’

Lewis Hamilton & Max Verstappen
Verstappen & Hamilton

But, Netflix has now been accused of using the above-mentioned footage to depict the race in Sao Paulo. The footage was clearly out of context as Lewis Hamilton reacted to the wing test during the Qatar GP and not in Brazil. The production team just tried to create a little more drama on screen than it was in reality. However, several people in the F1 fraternity have criticized the show’s creators for spicing things up for no reason.

Lately, Toto Wolff also insisted that Drive To Survive was making F1 like the Kardashians. Meanwhile, Verstappen chose not to be a part of the documentary in season 4 as a result of the fake drama. However, the Dutchman would be featuring in the series next season after negotiations with f1 CEO Stefanos Domenicali.