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NBA Hall Of Famer Wants To See A LeBron James’ Statue Made Outside The Crypto.Com Arena!

LeBron James is a name that shines brighter than the Sun in the NBA universe. He is currently playing in his 20th NBA season. In the tournament’s history, LeBron James has recently become the leader of the top scorers pack. King James is also gradually climbing up the list of top assists of all time. Currently, he is placed in the 4th spot. He has won four championships and has equaled the “Captain” in 19 All-Star appearances. All these achievements are a testament to his longevity and durability. 

As an active player, King James is the only NBA player in history with a net worth of a billion dollars. Michael Jordan is the richest basketball player of all time. But his net worth reached a billion dollars a decade later he retired from the game. LeBron James had the most successful championship time with Miami Heat, winning two seasons for them. But it’s not like he has not won any championships with the Lakers. King James won his 4th NBA season with the Lakers in 2020.

LeBron James
LeBron James

Since then, the Lakers had a downfall but not the King from his standpoint. He is averaging better than most of the players in the tournament, both veteran and youth included. Plus, LeBron James happened to carry forward the Laker’s tradition of having a player who becomes the top scorer in the league of all time. As Kareem “Captain” Abdul-Jabbar did in 1984, the King, who was born on December 30, 1984, did it in 2023, almost 39 years later.

LeBron James coming to his 20th season, still wants to focus on his team more than his own individual accomplishments. In the recent All-Star game, where Team Giannis defeated Team LeBron for the first time in the history of their rivalry, the King received a finger injury. Albeit the damage is not too scary for the fans of the LA franchise, the King did not take any risks. LeBron James did not play in the rest of the game. As he wanted to focus on the remaining 23 games for his team.

Hall Of Famer Feels LeBron James Can Have A Statue Outside The Laker’s Arena

Lakers Shaquille O'Neal
Hall Of Famer Shaquille O’Neal

Citing his recent injury at the All-Star game, the King mentioned, “I cannot have back-to-back seasons when I don’t get to play in the postseason. It’s just not in my DNA.” King James is 38, and he is right about not giving his body too much pressure. However, this level of dedication has led Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal to say that James should have a statue outside the Lakers arena. This legend of the Lakers has a statue of him outside the Crypto.com arena. And expects it is a matter of time before the same happens to the King.

LeBron James has mentioned the remaining games of the Lakers will be the most crucial “23 games” for him. Albeit the Lakers are deep down in a rabbit hole of the Western Conference, they can still make it. They are only a couple of games away from the No. 10 place. And 3 and 1/2 games away from reaching the sixth position. Hence, theoretically, the Lakers and the King can still qualify for the playoffs. The Lakers (27-32) are currently sitting at the 13th seed. The Lakers need a good start for the remaining matches against the Golden State Warriors on February 24, 2023.