LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James is arguably the greatest player in the NBA ever. Perhaps second to only Michael Jordan for some. But there is a long-running debate about who’s the GOAT. If MJ is always remembered for his impact, then LBJ will shine bright with his records. In the case of stats and records are concerned, the King is leaving no stone unturned.

Most recently, the 38-year-old NBA star broke a record that was considered unbreakable in the world of the NBA. At 38, LeBron James broke a 38-year-old record of the “Captain.” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was the undisputed all-time top scorer in NBA for almost four decades. But now the record will belong to LeBron may be for a longer period of time.

LeBron James-Liverpool
LeBron James-Liverpool

LeBron James is not satisfied only with scoring but will help his team in every way he can to win championships. He is at the fourth spot on the list of top assists of all time. Undoubtedly, he is a total package. James has won the championship four times, two with Miami Heat and one each with Cleveland Cavaliers (his home team) and Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James again matched another KAJ’s record after the recent All-Star game. Now, LeBron James became the second person with the “Captain” to have 19 All-Star selections in the history of the NBA.

Why LeBron James Is So Successful?

LeBron James Is No.1 In Seven NBA Categories Of All-Time

King James is also the first and only active player in NBA to make a billion dollars in net worth. Albeit Michael Jordan is the wealthiest player in basketball, he made a billion dollars after he retired as a player. Many successful endeavors, like investing in the NBA franchise, Charlotte Hornets, made the Black Jesus a billionaire.

However, LeBron James, even before retiring, started to invest in sports teams like the Association Football club, Liverpool. It just looks like a habit for the King to break and make records in NBA. Although the executive of LeBron’s former team, the Miami Heat, Pat Riley, suggests that he never plays to break records. The biggest motivation for King James is winning tournaments. That’s what has helped him throughout his long and illustrious career.

Now let’s give a glance at the categories where LeBron James is standing at the first position:-

  1.  All-time scoring – 38,411 points
  2.   All-NBA Honors – 18
  3.  First Team All-NBA Honors – 13
  4.  Playoff scoring – 7,631 points
  5. Playoff wins – 174
  6. Player of the Month Awards – 40
  7. Player of the Week Awards – 67

What’s The Future For The Lakers And The King Look Like?

The best part of this list is that LeBron James will keep going. He may be 38, but still, he will play for many more seasons to come and consequently keep adding to this tally. The main reason is that, according to him, he is not playing for the records, but his main goal is to play in the upcoming postseason. King James is focusing on playing the remaining 23 games of the Lakers.

Lakers Need To Pick Themselves Up From Their Current Predicament

Help the Lakers to qualify for the playoffs and win another championship. However, the Lakers need a winning streak badly to do what seems impossible now. The next game against the Warriors on February 24, 2023, will be crucial for the chances of playoff qualification.