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The evergreen debate about the two stars who dominated the world of basketball in their eras still continues. And in a world where all kinds of people have witnessed the wrath of both players and who have only seen LeBron James. It is quite difficult to choose one, but everyone has their own biases to judge their best. And since LeBron broke the all-time scoring record this week, the debate does weight in his favor. However, there are still people who think that Michael Jordan is always going to be GOAT despite LeBron’s achievements.

Even before the year began, the buzz was there that LeBron James could become the all-time scorer in the NBA. And when he does that, the debate for the greatest of all time is going to be uneasy for some people. Before LeBron, the top spot belonged to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for four decades, and no one even came close to it. This should tell the readers about the intensity of what the four-time champ has achieved in his 20-year career. And it is one argument that will work in James’ favor for a long time whenever he is compared to MJ. And the two are so above everyone that no other player can even penetrate the GOAT debate.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Steven Smith Believes Everyone Feared Michael Jordan, Not LeBron James

The debate about the two never ends, but new pointers always fall out after every discussion. And this time, it is Steven Smith who believes that Michael is better than LeBron James by a mile. According to the journalist, people worldwide respect LeBron. But “they feared Jordan, they were scared,” said Smith. And the six-time champ had that aura and lethal skill that everyone would be scared to face. His back-to-back championships are proof of his consistent domination over the NBA. Moreover, Steven also said that the people who have witnessed both players would know the difference.

The way he talks about MJ, it is obvious who is the GOAT in the eyes of the journalist. Meanwhile, there is another journalist who believes that Michael Jordan is and forever be above LeBron James. Rob Parker made a flashy comment saying, “America only recognizes ONE KING, and it’s BURGER KING.” Moreover, he added that LeBron should not feel that after becoming the all-time best scorer, he has one over MJ. The journalist made such comments after the four-time champ was booed in the Super Bown game.

LeBron James in Superbowl
LeBron James At Superbowl

Rob Parker believes that it would have never happened that Michael Jordan would get booed by a massive crowd after an achievement. But LeBron James has a mix of reviews from people who follow him, as not everyone loves him for his actions. The journalist said that the repulsive reaction from the crowd says all about his GOAT status next to Michael.