Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley
Russell Westbrook & Patrick Beverley

The Los Angeles Lakers have been the home to one of the biggest rivalries in the history of the NBA. The two guards, Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook, who played together, had some bad years behind them. While they were in LA, the two had only one thing in common the Lakers wanted them both out. It has been a week since the 2020 champs totally changed their outlook on their squad. Apart from the superstars, it is a different and better team altogether. It does make sense after a frustrating half-season campaign without any positive results.

Even before the trade deadline, LA had one of the best players in the squad. But they were not working out alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And the whole Purple and Gold are built around the two superstars who would lead them to trophies. Before the season even began, Patrick was not seen as the guard who would put many points on the board. Many experts even taunted them that the teams do not win championships with such players. Even after that, the Lakers continued with their usual and poorly constructed roster.

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Patrick Beverley Always Speaks Well About Westbrook, His Ex Lakers Teammate

On the last day of the trade deadline, everything for the 2020 champs changed for good. The players who were surrounded by trade rumors all year finally saw their way out of LA. And among those players were the two most controversial point guards. Patrick and Russell are one of the best and most experienced players in the NBA. But they failed to make a good mark in their tenure with the Purple and Golds.

Russell Westbrook began to get hold of his game after learning his new role from Darvin Ham. But Bev always struggled to put points and explain his usefulness to the fans. However, many of his teammates have admitted that he does bring a massive intangible dressing room boost. Recently in a podcast, Pat talked about how serious and punctual Russ is about his game. Beverley talked about how the whole team would see him in the dressing room dressed and ready for action. He also shed some light on how tight the two-point guards actually are after their rivalry. “That’s my dawg. Lifetime dawg,” said Patrick. It looks like the rivalry is way past the two Ex Lakers teammates.

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Although both Pat and Russ made up the Lakers, they were both ridden away by the Lakers. And after their exit, they are looking for a franchise to display their skills for the postseason action. And the rumors have it that the city rivals Los Angeles Clippers are interested in Russell’s electrifying energy. Meanwhile, the market does not show any hots for Patrick, but the fans want him back in Minnesota Timberwolves.