Michael Jordan- LeBron James
Michael Jordan- LeBron James

LeBron James is the new ultimate top scorer in NBA history. The Basketball Universe knew only one name in regard to the foremost top scorer. That was “Cap” Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. For 38 years, The Tower from Power carried the title of the greatest all-time scorer in NBA history. But the time has come to witness a new leader of all time scoring. The moment could not get any better for the King and the Lakers as well as The Cap was there to pass the torch to LeBron James. About the King breaking his record, Abdul-Jabbar mentioned, “I hope LeBron carries the title of the greatest scorer longer than I did (38 years).” This record is very dear to all the players of the past and the present in the NBA.

Wishes and congratulations are coming from all over the basketball community for LeBron James. Another great Lakers player, Magic Johnson, was present in that record-breaking event. He was very happy for James and mentioned, “I never thought that I would see a couple of players go beyond the 38k scoring points in my lifetime. I was there when the great Kareem surpassed Chamberlain. Like the Cap passed the ball to James today, it was my great honor to give the ball to Kareem to honor his legacy.” Among tweets of other great stars of the NBA, it is worth mentioning that long-time rival of King James, Steph Curry congratulated him too. Curry tweeted, “Congrats LeBron. Legendary accomplishment going passed the ultimate 38387 points tally. #38388.” 


What Did Michael Jordan Say To LeBron James?

Michael Jordan & LeBron James
Michael Jordan & LeBron James

Out of all the congratulatory messages for LeBron James, let’s bring out the message from the big gun, the Ultimate Basketball Legend, Mr. Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan was very happy for LeBron James as he proceeded to say, “I wanna congratulate LeBron because this is absolutely incredible achievement. This astonishing feat is a testament to his work ethic and the effort he has put into every game and in every practice.

Also, this achievement proves the value of longevity and the great skills he has got.” Every time MJ says something about King James or vice versa, the voracious readers or just the ardent fans of Basketball get very excited. The reason is simply the GOAT debate. Time and again, people are speculating and comparing the two legends of different eras of the great game of basketball. 

The King On The GOAT Debate

On MJ, LeBron James had said several times that he always looked up to him when he was growing up. MJ was such a big inspiration for James that he wanted to be the greatest basketball player of all time. LeBron James joked about the starstruck moment when he saw MJ coming toward him. King James said, “he looked like he was walking on air, looked like Black Jesus to me.” Comparison between the two started even when King James was a rookie. LeBron James was called “the next Michael Jordan.”

LeBron James
Michael Jordan & LeBron James

After the record-breaking match against Oklahoma Thunder which the Los Angeles Lakers lost, LeBron James talked about the GOAT debate. He mentioned, “People will have different opinions. But for me, I’m the best basketball player of all time. Because of what I bring to the table with assists and scores is unprecedented. But the debate will continue as it is a pretty good barbershop talk.”

Breaking the record was a pretty big deal. But now James will shift his focus back on winning games for his team. Only time will tell if the great LeBron James can turn back the momentum for the Lakers. The Lakers are currently 25-30 lingering at the 13th seed at the Western Conference table.            

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